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You Might Be A Hunter’s Wife If….

It's that time of year, and if your husband is a hunting enthusiast, you know exactly what I mean. Hunting is not just an expensive hobby, it is a lifestyle. And you either embrace the hunter's wife lifestyle or find a different guy, because he's definitely not giving it up.

Although each family's hunting season is a little different, there are some universal truths to being a hunter's wife. One is definitely that a good sense of humor is required so as not to lose your mind...

So, you might be a hunter's wife if:

  1. Your kids have been wearing camo since they were born.
  2. You have processed more than one species of animal in your kitchen multiple times.
  3. You know what each of these camouflage patterns are for.various camo outfits
  4. Your husband has negotiated the placement of at least one taxidermy animal on your living room wall. And there are more elsewhere in the house.
  5. You have a shed or closet that looks like this.
  6. You planned your children's due dates around hunting season.
  7. Your child had a .22 rifle way before they could even use it. Possibly as soon as your husband found out you were pregnant.
  8. You own any or all of these cookbooks and thank God for Steve Rinella and Hank Shaw because they actually know how to cook wild game.cookbooks for a hunter's wife
  9. You know what a stink box is, and that all non-fowl camo must be washed in scent locking detergent.
  10. You've set up a deer stand, duck blind, or both, in your driveway. At night. After the kids were in bed. And then managed to cram it all into the back of a truck partially disassembled.a hunter's wife can set up a deer stand in her drivewayand fit the deer stand in the car
  11. You have the proclamation bookmarked on all your devices so you can make plans around season opening days.
  12. Your kids have duck, elk, and turkey calls.
  13. Your Mom Mobile has been used as a hunting vehicle because the kids wanted to go too.
  14. You frequently find random shells and/or ammunition in your washing machine, vehicles, nightstands, bathroom counter, and all kinds of pockets.
  15. Your husband and kids have called animals while watching hunting videos or outdoor channels.
  16. You've found fur and/or feathers in your kitchen sink.
  17. Your family has a favorite wild game recipe. Here's ours.
  18. Your non-hunting friends have to ask where your husband is from September to March. Your hunting friends know.

And the way you know that you've completely joined the hunter's wife club?

You've accepted the fact that he will never have enough camo, decoys, ammo, rifles, shotguns, bows, stands, boots, calls, DVDs, or taxidermy.

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