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Tried and True Snow Day Rituals

You may be like a lot of us at Memphis Moms Blog and haven't heard about "snow day rituals." Several of us either grew up where it was either too warm to ever snow or it snowed all the time, so we didn't ever even have a chance of a Snow Day.

Our lifelong Memphian contributors have schooled us, though.

It turns out that if you're really, really wanting a Snow Day, there is some superstition involved in making it happen. 

We're calling these "tried and true," because a lot of our contributors' kids followed these guidelines for making a Snow Day on the night of January 5, 2017, and wouldn't you know it? January 6, 2017 was a Snow Day. It's science, people.

1. Put ice in the toilet. Yup. Put ice cubes in your toilet, folks. That's the perfect way to summon the Snow Day gods. That totally makes sense, right?

2. Wear your PJs inside-out. Because, um... it just works, ok?

3. Place a white crayon in your freezer. This one actually sort of sounds like a good theory. Snow is white. Snow is cold. Some variations of this ritual say you should put the crayon on your window sill, which also sounds good. I mean, that logic works well enough for me.

4. Run around the table five times. I'm thinking this is actually just how you make your kid tired so they'll fall asleep. But we're going with it.

5. Sleep with a spoon under your pillow. Ok, you lost us here.


Whatever your thoughts about the superstition and science behind these Snow Day rituals, one thing is for certain: they work. And clearly all the kids around the Midsouth practicing these rituals are what causes it to snow around here.



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