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Sarah Townsend Leach is a fundraising, communications, and leadership professional living in Collierville and working with clients around the country. Sarah grew up in Nashville and has lived in quite a few places, but thanks to visiting grandparents in East Memphis throughout her childhood and attending Rhodes College in Midtown, this has always been a second (and now a primary!) home. Sarah and her husband John met through both of their work in the Episcopal Church in 2015, and she is a mom to Poppy (June 2018) and Ann Townsend (October 2019). Follow her journey through new motherhood: focusing on learning how to be a parent and finding her new work-life balance out in the burbs. Sarah loves exploring, being outside, yoga, and crafting (all of which she has no time for now that she is a toddler mom).

Rage Mulching: A Tale of Blowing Off Steam During a Pandemic
About a month into the pandemic, my husband got the itch to plant a vegetable garden. Though the carrots and the onions didn’t take, we currently have beautiful, delicious tomatoes, cucumbers, and jalapenos running out of our ears. We (and many of our neighbors and friends) have eaten peas, squash, zucchini, radishes, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, […]
give yourself grace
Grace During the Pandemic
When my husband preaches on the concept of grace, it often brings tears to my eyes. My husband is an Episcopal priest. Preaching is his truest gift, and grace is one of his best topics. We both know and have lived grace first-hand because through it, we found each other. But, I’m not here to […]
to do list
Toddler Mom Productivity in the Time of Covid-19
Maybe you work part-time or full-time outside of the house, and you're used to regular daycare. Maybe, like me, in a normal week, you stay at home or work from home already. But even then, you're probably used to sending your toddler to daycare, PDO, or a grandparent's house at least a few times per […]
cocomelon logo
Dearest Cocomelon :: A Thank You Note from a Tired Mom
This post was originally published in March of 2020, before Cocomelon was on Netflix. But no matter the platform for watching, the sentiment is the same.Dearest Cocomelon (formerly ABCtv), Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Where do I begin? Sometime in the blur of the last two years of my first daughter’s […]
Are We Crazy? Top Five Reasons to Have Children Close Together
We are choosing to have our children 17 months apart. Some people might think we are crazy. Some days (particularly when my back hurts from being pregnant and lugging a 28-pound toddler up and down the stairs many times a day), I think we might be crazy. But, I am eight months pregnant with our […]


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