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Colleen is new to Memphis (February 2020), but has fallen in love with the area already. She has been married to her husband Ryan since 2015 and they have 2 children; Addison (2016) and Orin (2018). They also have 3 dogs and a Crested Gecko. Colleen was born and raised in Massachusetts, went to college in Florida (go CANES!), and lived in New Mexico before her husband’s job brought the family to Tennessee. She is so excited to be living somewhere green again; the desert was not her thing! Before she had kids Colleen worked in veterinary medicine. She became a stay-at-home mom after the birth of her first child and started a dog training business shortly after, focusing on family dogs. Colleen runs on way too much black coffee, loves a good book, baking, and driving fast cars.

Mama, Stop Being a Martyr; Accept Help!
Mama, it’s time to stop being a martyr. Seriously. Accept help. Ask for help when you need it. I know that society and history have ingrained in us that we have to do it all, take it all without complaint, and fix it all. But it’s time to change that narrative! If there’s one thing […]
Image of bulldog lying on a rug
What happens if my dog ingests Xylitol? Answers from a Veterinarian.
You are probably familiar with the artificial sweetener Xylitol. It's pretty common in lots of sugar free food products. But did you know that it is really toxic for dogs and somewhat toxic for cats? I spoke with local mom and veterinarian, Dr. Kristi Camp, DVM, to find out more. Briefly tell us why Xylitol […]
black and white goat
GO! SEE! EXPLORE! :: Fayette County
If you're looking for a quick day trip option with the kids, look no further than Fayette County! Here are some awesome and unique places to check out, personally curated by your local Fayette County correspondents, Gina and Colleen. Located only half an hour or so from downtown Memphis, Fayette County is just to the […]
Friday Favorites summer edition graphic
{Summer} Friday Favorites by Colleen
It's Friday Favorites time! This summer I have a mix of seasonal and anytime favorites to share with you. So let's get to it! Magnolia Soap Citronella Insect Repellent GAME CHANGER. I am hooked on this amazing product this summer! It is a lotion stick that is super effective at keeping bugs from biting you. […]
Picture of a woman showing her postpartum belly
Unpopular Opinion: I don’t like my Postpartum Body.
I don’t like my postpartum body. I didn’t like it after I had both of my kids. And even now almost, 4 years after having my last child, I probably like it even less. Don’t think I am a body shamer; I am far from it. I’m just being honest here.  Let me start by […]


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