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Bobby Lanier Farm Park cover photo
GO! SEE! EXPLORE! :: Bobby Lanier Farm Park


Trying to find some hidden gems in the suburbs? Definitely go see Bobby Lanier Farm Park in Germantown. Did you know you can find goats, chickens and more at any time?! And it's a public park!


We found out about this park by looking at it as a potential venue for our wedding. While they do private events and rentals at this park, they are generally open from dawn to dusk every day of the week. Since it is a public park, it is free to visit. They also host Farmer's Markets in the summer time, and they have plenty of other events. One time I went to a talk about how to raise chickens in your own backyard!

People sitting at tables listening to a presentation about chickens at Bobby Lanier Farm Park
Listening to "Backyard Chickens 101" - one of the events at the farm park


Park Ranger showing a child a chicken in Bobby Lanier Farm Park
One of the Germantown Park Rangers showing Nora the chicken


We always like to stop at the park if we are in the area, but even if we aren't, we'll go here on a sunny day for a picnic, some nature exploring, and to visit/pet the animals!

Girl with a goat in Bobby Lanier Farm Park
Nora with the goats at the Farm Park

They also have tractors, which are so fun for kids to climb on and "drive" them. You are encouraged to climb on them; they are perfect for those kids who love "diggers" and such!

A kid sitting on a yellow tractor in Bobby Lanier Farm Park
Nora "driving" the yellow tractor


Girl on a green tractor in Bobby Lanier Farm Park
The bigger green tractor was parked there when we visited one day

Inside of the barn, there is a small "Germantown Farm Museum" that has a few pieces of old farm equipment and some Germantown history. It's tiny but has been there a really long time (you can tell). One time when we visited the barn, the rooster was inside and was crowing super loudly at us! Definitely go take a look if it is open, since you might be surprised like us! There are also some soccer fields nearby, so bigger kids can have plenty of fun too!

If you want to go further and walk a little bit, they do have plenty of trails, where you could do a "nature scavenger hunt" and just walk around while you look for things in nature. Find the beehives they have out in the field! If you keep walking to the other side of the park, you can find a train and other Germantown artifacts such as the Germantown City Jail. On the map, you can find it as Oaklawn Garden if you are not quite sure how to get there. Of course you can also drive around and get there in just a few short minutes from the Farm Park.

woman in square orange cage titled "Germantown City Jail"
The "Germantown City Jail" you can find at Oaklawn Gardens


man on front of a red train on a train track with a little girl running to him on the train track
The red train you can find at Oaklawn Gardens in Germantown

They really do have something at the park for everyone, for every season. In the Spring, go check out the animals and see if there are any baby chicks (and that darn rooster!). In the Summer, if it is not too hot, find a shady spot for a picnic or visit the Farmers Market. In the Fall, go collect leaves on their trails. In the Winter, climb the trains and smile for (a potentially snowy or icy) photo op!

Girl by a tree
Posing for a picture by a pretty blossoming tree after our Spring picnic

After our visit to the park, we like to make a stop at Jojo's Espresso or Congregation Coffee for a pick-me-up before or after our visit to the Farm Park. Last time we visited the Park, we made at stop at the newest coffee shop beforehand. Both are locally owned and nearby!

GoSeeExploreBobby Lanier Farm Park
2660 Cross Country Drive
Germantown TN 38138

Open Dawn to Dusk (closed when reserved for private events or during inclement weather)

Farmers Markets: Thursdays 4-7pm, mid-June through mid-August

Website and registering for events:




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