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I am a pediatric ER nurse who works weekends and stays home with four kids during the week. My life is basically one hot mess after the next and most days I am doing good just to make sure everyone is alive, fed, and bathed somewhat regularly. My husband is my best friend and the funniest person I know. We have been married 13 years and love to travel, go on date nights, and wonder what people without kids do with all their time and money! We have a ten year old, six year old twins, and a 1 year old who came to us via embryo adoption. Our lives are nuts but we wouldn't trade it for anything. Hashtag blessed!

Liza's run last year
Running After Eliza
It was a big day. I planned to run the farthest that I had run since injuring my hip and I was excited. For the last few months, because of the injury, because of the weather, because of my schedule, because of a million other things, I had been running inside on the treadmill. But […]
Hang in There Homeschool Mom!
This will only be my third full year of being a homeschool teacher so I am hardly an expert. But I have definitely spent many moments hiding in my room after (or during) a frustrating day, wondering why in the world I thought I could handle being a teacher to my own kids. As moms, […]
sloth kid
My Son the Sloth
My husband and I are hard-working individuals. We spend our days running around, getting things done, and rarely have time to sit and relax. So you can imagine my surprise when I gave birth to a sloth, one of the slowest moving creatures to ever inhabit the earth. It all started in the womb. I […]
mom sick at home on the couch
Covid Chronicles
  I am fully vaccinated, my husband is fully vaccinated, my kids have already had Covid (and I never caught it from them), I abide by all masking laws, and I hardly go anywhere indoors so I should be protected from catching Covid, right? Wrong. You could have knocked me over with a feather when […]
day trippin graphic
Day Trippin’ :: The Parker Homestead Festival, Harrisburg AR
Want to take a fun day trip? Got some history nerds in your family? Looking for another field trip option besides the usual pumpkin patch and petting zoo? Or just want to just go somewhere so the kids won’t tear the house up all weekend long? Step back in time and check out the Parker […]


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