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Kids in the Kitchen: Salmon Nuggets with Egg Rolls

Salmon Nuggets and Egg Rolls with Honey Sriracha Sauce by Elijah, age 11

My kids are actually pretty good cooks! And, with four of them, any time they want to make something for dinner, I say yes!

salmon nuggets and egg rolls

This is definitely a kid favorite. They love cooking it as well as eating it! I’m not gonna bore you with a ton of details and background behind the recipe (because those food blogs that do that are the worst).

So without any fanfare, here’s the recipe.

ingredients needed for salmon nuggets and egg rolls


Coleslaw Mix

Egg Roll Wraps

Soy Sauce

Hoisin Sauce

Garlic (minced)

Ginger (minced)



Any whatever seasonings you deem necessary

Salmon Nuggets

Step 1: Remove the skin from your salmon. Pouring hot water from a kettle does the trick without the use of a knife. It makes the skin simply peel off.

use hot water to get the skin off the salmon getting the skin off the salmon

Step 2: Cut the salmon in cubes.

cutting the salmon into cubes

Step 3: Season the salmon with your soul. “If you ain’t sneezing, it ain’t seasoned.”

season the salmon for the salmon nuggets and egg roles

Step 4: Fry in a skillet. Cook for 2-3 minutes, then flip.

cook the salmon in a skillet

Step 5: When they’re done, just take them out and sit them on a paper towel. Don’t try to eat one. You WILL burn your mouth!!!

finished salmon for the salmon nuggets and egg rolls


Egg Rolls

Step 1: In a deep pan or a pot, add butter, garlic, and ginger at low heat. Cook until you can smell it. (AKA Cook until fragrant.) 

Step 2: Pour in the coleslaw mix. 

Step 3: Add soy sauce and hoisin sauce.

Me: Elijah, how much?

Elijah: I don’t know. Just a few shakes of the soy sauce and a nice pour of the hoisin sauce (AKA measure with your heart).

Step 4: Cook it. Let it cool so you don’t burn yourself. You can clean your air-fryer during this time if you haven’t already.

making the egg roll mixture for the salmon nuggets and egg rolls

Now it’s time to ROLLLLL!

***The rest of my kids have been ghosts this entire time. But when it’s time to fill and roll the egg rolls, all of a sudden everyone is in the kitchen.***

Step 5: Put the egg roll wrap on a flat surface. Put the filing in the middle and wet the edges. Follow the folding directions on the package.

wrapping the egg rolls

Step 6: Put them in the air fryer on 350 degrees for 10 mins. They’ll be hot!

cook the egg rolls in the air fryer finished egg rolls for the salmon nuggets and egg rolls


Lastly, make your honey sriracha sauce for the salmon nuggets and egg rolls by mixing honey and sriracha. If you like it really spicy, use more sriracha. If you like it more sweet, just use more honey. Easy.

Now eat.

***If you’re wondering why this blog and steps are so short, it’s because these are the exact words of an 11 year old boy.***



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