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Kristin is a little bit of the South and the Southwest rolled into one. A freelance writer, ministry coordinator, mama and not-so-domestic wifey, she is convinced “balance” is a myth. Kristin frantically parents three girls - McKenna, Meda, and Rockie May - as well as her 30-Something husband, Bryant. She is a contributing editor to "American Cheerleader Magazine" and the author of the More for Mom: Living Your Whole & Holy Life, releasing April 2019. Her writing on motherhood has been featured on and TODAY Parenting. Kristin blogs and offers encouragement to all women in their faith at Visit Kristin's website to download a free guide on living spiritually healthy.

selling chicken eggs entreprenuer
Nurture Your Child’s Inner Entreprenuer
It’s 2020, and now, more than ever, people can have any career or be anything they want to be. Gone are the days of only having run-of-the-mill, corporate, 9-5 jobs. The days of working outside the proverbial box (cubicle?) are here with flexible hours, remote, self-driven, and entrepreneur opportunities. Who knows what the work world […]
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Want to Publish a Book? 5 Tips from an Author
One of the most-asked questions I get is, "How did you do it?"  How did I get a book published, how long did it take, and what tips do I offer to people who want to head down the same path? I've offered tips before on how to write a book or do something (anything!) […]
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3 Reasons Why & How You Should Read More
I’m a word lover. I love to write, and I love to read. But it’s hard to fit both into my already jam-packed schedule. And, unfortunately, due to the volume of daily life, reading is what usually gets pushed down farther on my to-do list as the days fill up. There was a period of […]
Confessions of A First-Time Chicken Farmer
What happens when you walk with your kids into Tractor Supply? You walk out with a box full of baby chickens, that's what. And why get JUST ONE chick when you can get FOUR? Anyway, long story short, my kids asked to buy chicks, and now ... we have a small flock in our backyard. […]
Rain, Rain Go Away …. After We Play :: 5 Rainy Day Ideas
There were a couple weeks this past spring where I thought I may completely lose it if it rained one. more. day. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would have given their eldest child for just a little bit of sunshine. (I'm only slightly kidding...*wink*) Sure, it can be fun to send kids […]


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