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Rain, Rain Go Away …. After We Play :: 5 Rainy Day Ideas

There were a couple weeks this past spring where I thought I may completely lose it if it rained one. more. day.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who would have given their eldest child for just a little bit of sunshine. (I'm only slightly kidding...*wink*)

Sure, it can be fun to send kids out into the rain to play ... every once in a while. But who wants to deal with wet shoes and clothes all the time? Not to mention the shivering cold the kiddos experience when they come back inside.

No, thank you.

Without being able to go outside, our options were limited to keep the kids entertained. I  got tired of turning on the TV for them, because my kids turn into zombies with too much television. They got bored, I got bored, and we all turned into grumps.

So my motto the next time Mother Nature gets an incessant need to dump water on the mid-south is:

When the rain comes, don't let the fun go. 

Here are 5 options for playing inside during rainy weather.

1) Restaurant.

Tired of making lunches and snacks all day long? (Yeah, me too.)

Challenge the kids with creating their own restaurant, and have them serve each other and YOU. Name the restaurant, make signs for it, write up a menu, and even set up tables or booths.

If your kiddos are still really young, I recommend gathering a collection of approved snacks and pre-cut food they can put on plates and bring to their "patrons." Older children may even be able to use the microwave, if necessary, and truly prepare an easy meal.

Other than some pre-planning on your part, the kids can usually take over and play like a regular restaurant. Have a server, cook, and guests. Everyone can take turns with each part, and eventually you'll have fed everyone, entertained everyone, and used up plenty of time. 😉 

2) Create your own board games.

Don't just play what you have, let your kids get creative and design, draw, and create their own board game.

They get to make up the rules, no matter how strange they may be. **wink** The creation process, from making the dice or game pieces to the rules, etc. will take some time and then once they're finished you all can enjoy a new game together. Grab a cardboard box, let them color and draw on one side to make the game board. Paper can be folded and taped together to make dice. And tiny toys pieces like Hatchimal Collectables, Playmobil, or Legos can be the game pieces.

Creating the game will be half the fun!

3) Interactive Tablet Games

My kids love Minecraft. They play it all the time. 

After arguing with them that they should put down the tablets, my husband and I decided, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." So we downloaded Minecraft on our phones and hopped into their worlds with them. They loved showing us how to build different structures, "spawn" animals, and just "being" with them in their own little Minecraft world. It actually ended up being a fun time for all of us.

Do your kids have a favorite video game or app? Instead of just letting them play on their own, ask if you can join them.

4) Play "Library"

Have the kids grab books from their room and set up their own library. They can then pretend to be the librarian or a patron, exploring the "shelves" of their local library, checking out books and reordering them, researching for projects, and even having story time with stuffed animals or dolls.

Bonus: You'll get them reading!

5) Bring the outside, in.

If you have an especially energetic child like I do, it may call for some physical activity. If this is the case, don't be scared to bring the outside, inside. Move furniture aside and bring the scooters or jump ropes inside and let them have at it. Foot races lapping around the house can help burn energy. Pretend your living room is the host of the Indoor Olympic Games and award medals of ribbon and paper.

Of course, I recommend some ground rules in order to keep your home and possessions from being destroyed, but a little indoor fun could be good for everyone's rainy day soul.


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