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Kristin is a little bit of the South and the Southwest rolled into one. A freelance writer, ministry coordinator, mama and not-so-domestic wifey, she is convinced “balance” is a myth. Kristin frantically parents three girls - McKenna, Meda, and Rockie May - as well as her 30-Something husband, Bryant. She is a contributing editor to "American Cheerleader Magazine" and the author of the More for Mom: Living Your Whole & Holy Life, releasing April 2019. Her writing on motherhood has been featured on and TODAY Parenting. Kristin blogs and offers encouragement to all women in their faith at Visit Kristin's website to download a free guide on living spiritually healthy.

An Open Letter to the Mom Who “Used-To-Be-Cool”
Dear "Used-To-Be-Cool" Mom, I see you over there. Yeah, I'm talking to you. You--the mom wearing the same Mossimo shirt from Target as I am. I see you.  I see the clothing you're wearing is a size {or three} bigger than the higher-end boutique clothing you used to wear. Remember those? You used to visit those […]
Not Every Moment Has to be a Pinterest Moment
Sometimes I wish Pinterest had been around when I got married. My wedding would have been way more fabulous (and on an acceptable budget, of course.) had there been a plethora of creative blogs at my fingertips with one click of an app. And sometimes I wish Pinterest would have been around when my eldest child […]
{MMB Thankful Series} :: Thank You, Pregnancy
I'm so thankful for the miracle of pregnancy and birth. It’s what brings our amazing chil-dren into this life with us - a beautiful thing, right? In light of the Thanksgiving holiday, I've decided to compile a list of Thank You Notes to those nine month long pregnancy quirks and experiences we go through. Because […]
It’s Time :: Moms, Let’s Do Better
I have a serious question. (This rarely happens. *wink*) When did it become okay to be late? Maybe I’m old-school or am just imagining it (I’m not.), but it seems these days it’s becoming more and more typical for people to casually stroll into meetings 10-15 minutes late, blow off dinner plans for an hour […]


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