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A Letter to My Daughter’s Middle School Teachers

Dear Middle School Teacher(s),

Thank you for loving my child so well.

Middle school can be tough. Physical changes collide with hormonal and internal changes. Attitudes erupt like a volcano and subside just as quickly as the tide. It's confusing. It's confusing to her, and it's confusing to me.

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But you, sweet and confident middle school teacher, it's not confusing to you. You understand her and show her grace. YOU don't know the ugly words spoken in the car pool drop off line. You only see her radiant face and greet her like she's the Queen of England. You are kind, knowing that mornings are tough. You see her hairbrush tucked inside her backpack pocket and know she's starting to care about her looks. You see her smoothing her new uniform blouse over and over from first day jitters. You tell her how nice she looks and how old she looks, knowing those two compliments are important to build her self-esteem.

Thank you for guiding my child so well.

Middle School is a big adjustment. Navigating the hallway, lockers, and changing classes is a lot for many kids. She isn't the best at time management or keeping her items organized. She gets frustrated when she feels like she's failing. Thank you for telling her it's okay to take a minute to collect her things. Thank you for giving her second chances on turning in late homework, because she forgot it in her locker. Thank you for guiding her on the best way to keep track of her belongings. You are teaching her more than academics; you are teaching her to take care of herself and independently being able to manage herself. These life skills matter more to me than what she's memorizing inside her text book.

Thank you for encouraging my child so well.

Sometimes my daughter puts on a good front. She puts on a brave face when she's actually a scared little girl inside. Thank you for making her feel smart. She knows that things come harder to her than some of her peers. But you don't make her feel any less. You encourage her to try her best. You might push her a bit, knowing that the extra effort will be worth it in the long run. Things we tell her at home fall on deaf ears, but when you tell her the same thing, she somehow hears it. And knowing this, so you praise her even more, realizing it's necessary to help her grow and be confident in her abilities. Thank you for seeing her talent and giving her opportunities to use it and foster it.

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Thank you for all the work you do. It's not just teaching. It's so much more than that, and it doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated.


A Middle School Mom

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