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Did you know moms run on coffee? It's true. Even if you never liked coffee before becoming a parent -- once you experience your first sleepless night with a crying newborn, you quickly realize just how amazing that first morning cup really is. Caffeine is life.

And here at Memphis Moms, we've decided to go ahead and gift you a list of all the delicious, life-giving locations of area Memphis coffee shops -- all the way from the ones downtown to out in the 'burbs. It's ok. You can thank us later. Especially after you realize that you could use an afternoon pick-me-up after sitting in your car for hours while waiting on your teenagers to finish up with whatever activity they're in. I mean, you deserve that afternoon latte. YOU REALLY DO.

coffee meme

Included in this list are local coffee shops, a few locally-owned chains, some coffee carts, and drive through only options. We did not include cafes/diners that happen to serve coffee but are really more of a restaurant. They are in alphabetical order for ease when searching!

7 Brew Coffee

1625 Union Ave, Midtown

This new coffee shop is an Arkansas based chain, but new to Memphis. They plan to open a total of 3 location in Memphis this year. It's ONLY a drive through, so don't plan to go there for a hangout. (Pro tip: they have fun kid fizz's, which are basically flavored, sweetened sparkling waters. You can get any of their MANY flavors.)

17 Berkshire

2094 Trimble Place, (Overton Square) Midtown 

2055 West Street, Suite 12 (Saddle Creek), Germantown

Would you like to join me for a spot of tea? (I seriously hope you read that in an English accent.) 17 Berkshire is the perfect place for a pretty cup of tea or coffee. Speaking of pretty things, their desserts are truly works of art. If this doesn't convince you to try them, then maybe their Afternoon Teas will. You get a pot of tea, tea sandwiches, scones and petit pastries!

tea service at 17 Berkshire

Alder Cafe

4514 Summer Ave., E Memphis

Do you want pure, authentic coffee? Not just authentic coffee with an American flare, but Yemeni coffee and tea in the truest, purest form! Oh, and don't think you're just going to be able to run in and get a coffee in 3 minutes. No, authentic brewed coffee takes time. So grab a friend and nibble on some sweet treats. Trust me! It's worth the (short, but longer than 3 minutes) wait.

Ancient Grounds Coffee Shop

Inside Memphis Zoo, Midtown

While mamas love the zoo, we certainly get tired. Cue the newest food addition to the zoo's offerings: Ancient Grounds Coffee Shop. Serving up a full espresso bar, brewed coffee either iced or hot, fresh made smoothies, and fruit juices, there's something for everyone. There's also a limited food menu offering artisan sandwiches, hot breakfast items, and grab n' go salads and granola yogurt parfaits. Mom Tip: the cafe doesn't offer lids or straws, so if you want either for your drink, we recommend bringing a travel cup. 

Anti-Gentrification Cxffee Club

761 National Street, Memphis

Black-owned local coffee place with lots of variety on their menu. The owners reinstated the origin, purpose and integrity of coffee through the lens of Black history by creating this coffee shops and they sell lots of apparel too.

Beans and Leaves

2867 May Blvd, Southaven

Another great option if you are out in Mississippi! It is on the new square they made, and a great location if you are trying to shop locally as well. They also have plenty of tea options, and they have ice cream too.

Belltower Coffeehouse

525 S Highland St. (U of M district), Memphis

6903 Great View Drive (Shelby Farms), Memphis

11615 US-70 #108, Arlington

Belltower was nominated in 2018 as one of Memphis Moms' "Favorite Things." Founded and operated by two college guys, Belltower Coffeehouse (formerly Belltower Artisans) is only a few blocks from the University of Memphis campus. Combining their love of coffee and pottery, Belltower recently expanded & doubled in space! Now offering a full menu of hot food, there's even more reason to pull up a chair (handmade by the owners of course!), boot up your laptop, and stay awhile.

Belltower Artisans

Biggby Coffee

200 S. Germantown Parkway, Cordova

Technically not local, but new to the Memphis area. If you are from Michigan, there is a very good chance you can get a taste of home at this place.


12020 Walker Street, Arlington

Bluem Coffee is a cozy and inviting artisan coffee bar currently located inside of S.Y. Wilson in the town square of Arlington, TN. Bluem Coffee is more than just a coffee shop, though. It is also a popular Artisan Coffee Cart available to book for your special events, including weddings as well as church and corporate events.

Bluff City Coffee

505 S Main Street, Downtown
945 S Cooper, Midtown 

Bluff City Coffee has two locations! The first, and original, is located down on S. Main Street, which is just a super fun and great place to go. Watch the trolley go by, or jump on for a ride! The second and newer location is in the heart of CY. Right at the intersection, you'll find Bluff City Coffee Midtown offering a larger menu selection, daily soups and sweet treats, and lots of outdoor and indoor seating. Plus there's a parking lot for easy access. The extra large bathrooms are perfect for navigating wheelchairs or strollers.

Boycott Coffee

240 Madison, Downtown 

Some coffee shops focus on more than just flavor and your morning jolt; some focus on equity and justice. Coffee is a $460 billion dollar industry founded off the exploitation of coffee farmers around the globe. "We want coffee to be represented by & provide for those who give it its texture and taste. While we cannot change this global industry, we can craft spaces that build respect for coffee laborers, encourage local advocacy, and raise awareness of these social justice issues." While they stand for an amazing cause, their coffee is equally fantastic!

Cafe 127

1996 Houston Leve, Collierville

They are a mobile coffee trailer that is set up daily at the address listed above.  They also go to events and offer coffee tastings! Think wine tasting, but for coffee (and nonalcoholic)!

Carrington Oaks Coffeehouse

914 Carrington Oak Lane, Collierville

Carrington Oaks Coffeehouse is a cute little coffeeshop in Collierville. They serve up their very own J.Brooks in-house special blend, smoothies, and sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They even have the cutest patio with green umbrella tables -- the perfect place to relax and slow down.

City & State

2625 Broad Ave, E Memphis

Yah, Coffee! That's the mural painted on the backside of the building and the first thing you see when you're driving down the parkway! A landmark in the Memphis coffee world, City and State is a local favorite. Inside you'll find a long table with shared seating, encouraging patrons to mingle and talk. Outside, you'll find their famous-ish courtyard with vintage patio furniture and lots of shade. Food wise there's some bakery-type offerings, but people don't come to City and State for the food. They come for the amazingly delicious coffee. Serving only 1 size, they take great pride in creating the perfect pour. Plus, there's a HUGE gift store attached, which is really neat to shop in.

coffee and a book at City and State

Coffee Central

5627 Getwell Rd, Southaven, MS
2438 Highway 51 S, Hernando, MS

Where coffee and community meet, this gem is right over in Mississippi. Offering drip coffee, espresso, smoothies, acai bowls, and artisan toasts, there's a little bit of everything for everyone -- which is the point when trying to foster a sense of small town pride. Coffee Central also has space for live performers and supports community musicians!

Comeback Coffee

358 N Main, Downtown

There's something special about Comeback Coffee. We're not sure if it's the owners (who are awesome), the delicious food menu, or the love that goes into their artisan coffee making. Maybe it's their original (and famous) coffee sodas. Or maybe it's the amazingly beautiful renovated historic building they're in. Whatever the reason, it'll have you coming back again and again.

Congregation Coffee

240 Madison, Downtown 

Let the church say,"Amen!" I truly believe that coffee is a ministry. Coffee can bring people from different walks of life together. It makes us slow to speak while we sip, while simultaneously giving us the opportunity to listen. It breaks down all of our walls and allows us to open up (if even for just a little) to the person on the other side of the table.

Crazy Gander Coffee Company

150 Madison Avenue, Downtown

Previously a bank in the early 1900's, this coffee shop has had major renovations done and is now crazy gorgeous! Inside you'll find a 17-foot-tall map that covers the wall. The map is a hand drawn/traced rendering of the original map produced by P.F. Collier and Sons in 1911. Besides the historic (yet trendy!) vibe this place gives off, it also serves up a great cup of coffee. The to-go cups are quite cute, but we guarantee you'll want to sit and enjoy the place. Crazy Gander Coffee Co also serves locally owned Butteriffic Bakery baked goods. Double crazy good.

coffee at Crazy Gander

Crave Coffee Bar & Bistro

11615 Highway 70, Arlington

Do you crave delicious coffee? Do you crave good food? Do you crave a place to connect with other people and laugh until you cry? We know the good people at Crave Coffee Bar & Bistro feel this way, too. Which is why they opened up in Arlington! Not far from the main square, you'll find this quaint, locally owned business. Get a cookie, too. You'll thank us later!

Dr. Bean Coffee and Tea Emporium

387 South Main, Downtown 

Need a prescription for caffeine? "2 coffees, twice a day, as often as needed." You should probably go see the Doctor. Dr. Bean Coffee that is! This coffee will get you right as rain!

Ethnos Coffee

8817 Chaffee, Arlington 

Do they roast their own coffee? Yes! Do they roast coffee for other cafes? Yes! Do other cafes use their coffee? Yes, yes, and yes! I like to consider Ethnos Coffee the foundation of coffee in Memphis. Many cafes use Ethnos Coffee to create some amazingly unique lattes and other coffee related drinks. There's Ancient Grounds, Coffee Central Southaven, and Congregation Coffee to name a few. But when you have a great product, everyone can benefit!

The Family Cup Coffee Company


They are a family-owned coffee trailer based out of Collierville, TN offering specialty coffee and tea, along with home baked scones and treats. They are available for local festivals, pop-ups in neighborhoods, schools, businesses, weddings, and professional events.

French Truck

1350 Concourse Ave. (inside Crosstown Concourse), Midtown
395 S. Highland St., U of M district
The Orleans Station in The Edge District (Coming Soon!)

French Truck was nominated as one of the Memphis Mom Collective's "2019 Favorite Things." And man, the status of favorite hasn't changed. They recently opened a second location on S. Highland St, blocks away from the U of M. In addition to the indoor seating, there's a large, fenced in patio.

French Truck literally buys the best beans they can find, roasts them in small batches, then puts the roast date right on the bag so you know exactly how fresh it is. Both locations also have a full service breakfast/lunch menu, serving up some tasty food, such as their avocado toast or grain bowl. Bring Fido along, too. Both locations are pooch friendly.

The famous New Orleans Coffee is opening another, third, Memphis location some time late Summer / Early Fall at the Orleans Station in the Edge District.

french truck coffee


6000 Briarcrest Avenue (inside Mission Church), E Memphis

Don't be intimidated to visit The Hub (even though it's technically inside a church). This coffeeshop offers some of the best coffee in town. Almost a best-kept secret, you'll find locals sharing space or hanging out like they're at home with friends. Which is exactly the vibe The Hub is going for -- for you to experience the "living room of Memphis!" There's also a large private conference room available to reserve for corporate meetings or private gatherings.

Inspire Community Cafe

510 Tillman Street, Binghampton 

Love for people comes first at Inspire Community Cafe. They are a locally owned business that prioritizes people over profits, and we are here for that! The cafe pays a living wage and strives to provide as many full-time employment opportunities as possible. They offer profit-sharing opportunities, building a community within their staff that trickles down to their daily customers -- truly helping all of us to be the best humans we can be. We'll drink to that.

coffee shirt

Java Cabana

2170 Young Avenue, Midtown 

This is a fun old, vintage-style coffee boutique. They often have fun, eclectic drinks, local music, and while you hangout at this shop, you can even play a fun board game, or look at the many local ads for local events that are posted in their shop.

Java Cafe

3133 Forest Hill Irene Rd, Germantown

Java Cafe is a sweet little spot in Germantown if we do say so! They offer a great breakfast and lunch menu in addition to the coffee selection. Java Cafe has outdoor seating, making it extra kid-friendly. Delivery and take-out options available as well. Say what? Score!

JoJo's Espresso

1730 S Germantown Rd Suite 114, Germantown

JoJo’s Espresso now has a permanent storefront! The local owners always had a "hobby" of loving coffee, and decided to create Memphis' first coffee chop on wheels, but this year they have gone above and beyond to turn their truck into a permanent storefront.

Patricia holding a coffee mug

Killer Coffee Memphis

1296 Peabody Ave, Midtown 

Killer Coffee is the newest on the coffee scene in the city and their coffee really is to die for (pun totally intended). They're currently considered a mobile coffee cart, located out of 1296 Peabody Ave, but word on the street is a permanent location is coming soon! You can contact them at to book them at your next event or party!

La Baguette

3088 Poplar Ave, E Memphis

This is a fun, French bakery right by the Central Library. Since they switched owners, they now also have plenty of European style coffee options, like cappuccino. Their pastries and bakery items are the best! (Pro tip: order their King cake during Mardi Gras season; best in town!)

Levee Coffee & Creamery

2059 S Houston Levee Road, Collierville

You know what goes hand in hand with coffee? We know you were going to say cream, but what you really mean to say is ice cream. Yep. You heard us right. Ice cream. The Levee Coffee & Creamery is the best of both worlds --- genuine, homemade ice cream and a huge selection of artisan coffees. You can get both items to go too! AND if you really want, they'll pour coffee OVER your ice cream. Ah-mazing.

Levee ice cream


3119 Poplar, E Memphis

You want to know what I love about Lulu's coffee? It's anything but basic! Their flavor profiles are out of this world. Their lattes have depth as well as hidden flavor notes of all kind. I don't know what kind of magic they work, but they have got me seriously in love with them! Plus they are the only vegan cafe and bakery!

Muggin Coffeehouse

606 N. Main St, Uptown

Whitehaven has entered the coffee song, y'all! This local coffeeshop is a vibrant and fun place to hang out, connect with neighbors, or just go to recharge. They even have awesome merch for sale, like their Muggin hats, Muggin ground coffee, Stainless Steel travel mugs, original mugs, and t-shirts! Go get your mug on!


641 S Cooper Street, Midtown

Otherlands Coffee Bar isn't your typical coffee shop vibe. Boasting mix-match furniture, tables, and chairs, the scene is different every time you visit. Offering a patio outside, or multiple rooms inside, there's a special seat for everyone. Their artisan coffee bar is top notch, as are their cheesy grits and yummy bakery offerings. It's not the kid-friendliest of places, but then again, every mama needs an oasis to escape to.

Otherlands Coffee Memphis


9123 Pigeon Roost Road, Olive Branch, MS

While technically NOT Memphis, Pinks is worth the fairly short drive to head over into Mississippi. Located just over the border, this quaint coffeeshop is going to be a different experience than just your normal chain coffee place. Offering delicious food in addition to the coffee options, according to locals, "Pinks is a treasure we're so lucky to have in Olive Branch!"

Qahwa Coffee Bar

109 N. Main Street, Downtown

Located in the heart of downtown, Qahwa says, "All you need is love....And good espresso....
We have both!!" It is a small Turkish coffee shop that also serves yummy treats!

Ramblin' Joes (previously Ugly Mug)

4610 Poplar Avenue, E Memphis

The Ramblin' Joe's location in East Memphis is pretty much an institution in Memphis. They not only serve good coffee, they also roast the coffee themselves. Offering more than caffeine, they also have a small menu of hot sandwiches and fresh baked goods. PLUS, every mom knows the best thing (besides the Buttermoon flavoring) about this place is the fact that they have a drive thru. A DRIVE THRU Y'ALL. You're welcome.

Scooter's Coffee

1698 Poplar Ave., Midtown

3730 Riverdale Rd., E Memphis

Another drive-thru only coffee company, Scooter's was originally founded in Nebraska. They have "high quality drinks, speed of service, and a BIG smile."

Square Beans

103 North Center Street, Collierville

Square Beans Coffee is Collierville's hidden gem, located on the west side of the historic town square. Square Beans has LOTS of delicious food and drinks and Gelato. A perfect place to meet that weirdo friend who doesn't like coffee. Plus, they sell locally pottery and other goods. We love supporting businesses who in return are supporting local artists!

Sweet Lala's

6150 Park Ave, Suite 118 , E Memphis

Need to do a little gift shopping, but really want some coffee too? Then take a break at Sweet Lala's! You can pick up some really cool local treats as well as some delicious coffee. You will be tempted by their delicious desserts as they are mainly a bakery. But don't worry, ALL of their treats pair well with a latte.

Talk Shop

245 S. Front Street, Downtown 

Every time of hear Talk Shop, my mind immediately goes to when people are sitting around just shooting the s%&t! I know! I'm weird like that! But at Talk Shop, you really do meet some of the coolest people over some really good coffee. And the pastries! They go perfectly with everything!

Team Car Cafe

8100 Macon Station Ste 101, Cordova

Know what happens when 3 local entrepreneurs put their passions together?  Pure Genius. Team Car Cafe is the newest coffee shop in Cordova, nestled inside locally owned bike store, Latting Speed Shop. Using only locally roasted Ethnos Coffee Roasters, the custom drinks (we suggest trying their signature honey gold latte) are perfect. AND THEN IT GETS EVEN BETTER. They've also partnered the El Mero Taco, serving up some of the best tacos in Memphis right there inside the coffee shop. Coffee, Tacos, Bikes. Amazing community.

Vice and Virtue

477 South Main, Downtown 

Nestled inside of the Arrive Hotel, Vice and Virtue offer a coffee that I have never been able to find anywhere else...Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee. Yes! You read that correctly. And it's as good as it sounds. They've collaborate with Memphis' own Blue Note Bourbon. Trust me! You need to experience this. They were also nominated as one of Memphis Mom Collective's 2018 "Favorite Things." Sharing space with sourdough bakery Hustle and Dough, it's a must-stop place when visiting downtown.

MMB Favorite Things 2018 vice and virtue coffee

VooDoo Cafe

2780 Barlett Blvd., Bartlett 

"I put a spell on you, and now you're mine!" This is the little tune I hum every weekend when I skip into VooDoo Cafe. I order some Persian Tea and pair it with the Little Mamba. But if you're solely looking for coffee, expect a trip around the world. They specialize in international brewed coffees, including Iced Vietnamese coffee, Cafe Cubano, and Turkish. Voodoo also carries various canned iced coffees from all over the world. Their beignet selection is just as vast and eclectic too!

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