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Day Tripping Oxford, MS
Day Trippin’:: Cedar Hill Farm

I love a place that isn't just a One Hit Wonder, don't you? That's why I keep bringing my family back to Cedar Hill Farm!

About an hour from Memphis in *Mom Time, this place is a terrific venue for your personal events - from birthday parties to weddings and everything in between.



Pumpkins. Christmas trees. Breakfast with Santa. Fourth of July fireworks. Civil War reenactments. Ponies...And food so good you'll want to wear your maternity pants - even if you're not pregnant. 

Here's the low down on my family faves, in ranked order (because we are CHF groupies):

Number 1: Our consistent family favorite is the Fall Pumpkin Patch. CHF has tractor hayrides, a corn maize, pumpkins galore, and tons of activities for the kids to play! I'll let you in on a big budget secret here: If you sign up for CHF's mailing list and/or follow them on social media, you'll also learn about special advance ticket purchase discounts (sometimes up to 50% off).  *Because we are all big scaredy cats, my family foregoes the Haunted Farm event (complete with Zombie Paintball), but if you're a thrill seeker, it's a must attend event. 

Number 2: The Christmas events at CHF got bumped to number 2, because I only have one believer left. When my kids were younger, the Breakfast With Santa was a MUST every year because the food is ridiculously good. And there's also Santa. Not up early? CHF has options: Bruch with Santa, Catfish With Santa, and non-dining with Santa (photo ops). Included in the price for these events is the petting zoo, chicken show, train ride, play area, and hayride. Note that reservations are required for these events. (FYI: If your child pummels Santa, accidentally toots on him, or tells other kids in line that he is an "imposter," you will not get kicked out. Just trust me on this one.) 

The year my kid told people that Santa was an imposter. And they didn't kick us out.

Bonus: CHF also has a Tree Farm, which only requires payment for the tree (no admission fee). You can even cut the tree yourself, if you would like to feel like a real lumberjack. It is also a great excuse to wear that flannel you bought on sale last year. 

Number 3: Another fun Fall event is CHF's Civil War Reenactment. The bad news is that you missed it this year, but the good news is that it's an annual event at CHF. My kids loved the costumes (and by "kids," I mostly mean ME), as well as the amazing play area. For the record, the play area can occupy your kids for at least an hour, which translates to uninterrupted Mom Chat time AND naps the entire drive home. We went as part of a field trip and made it a lovely picnic day after watching the festivities. 

What else do you need to know before visiting Cedar Hill Farm?

Show me the money! Cedar Hill Farm does take cash or credit cards (hooray!), so no need to hit the ATM first. 

What should I wear? Dress comfortably for the outdoors, but remember that there are some really cute places to take pictures. If you're going to take pics, do it early. Kids LOVE this place, which means someone will probably end up dirty/cranky/crying. It could be you (no judging). 

Can I bring a stroller? Most areas are stroller friendly. I preferred to wear my baby (e.g., Ergo, Tula), because that was easier for me on the hayride to the Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maize.

Day trippin = field trippin? CHF has options for Easter, Seed Planting, Berry Picking, Christmas, and Fall Field Trips. They offer options for group rates, but be mindful that these typically require a reservation; there is an Education form to complete here

What about private events? There are lots of options - your best bet is to call them directly.

Can I just send the kids? CHF has a summer camp in June and July that is sure to tire out the kids ages 5-12 (hello, nap time!). They offer early drop off (7-8 am) and late pickup (4-5 pm) to accommodate your schedules.

Parental warning: You cannot leave without buying lots of homemade jams, honey and syrups from their Country Store. After five seconds in the store, my wallet was screaming TAKE MY MONEY, CEDAR HILL FARM!

Is it really worth the drive from Memphis? Yes. A thousand times yes! Once you go, you'll become a regular. Trust me on this one. 

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