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Ashley is a blogger, aspiring picture book writer, boy mom to Franklin (2006) and Teddy (2012), and wife to Robert. Originally from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, she has lived in Memphis for over a decade, and her heart belongs to Midtown! When she isn't wrangling her two crazy kids, you will find Ashley writing and Instagramming for her children's literature blog, Booktomato. Ashley loves Murder She Wrote, sewing, and unlimited access to good lattes. She hates clutter, toys with too many pieces, and salads with iceberg lettuce.

5 Things I Learned From “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”
I recently took my kids to see the new documentary about Fred Rogers.  Here is what I took away from it.  1. Words matter.  Fred Rogers obsessed over the scripts of every episode of his show.  He famously had the writers rewrite and rewrite the dialog until it was perfect.  Why?  Because he knew how […]
Do you want to run your own Etsy shop? Three Mistakes I Made In My First Year of Selling Online
Do you sew, craft, paint, or make pottery?  Have you ever wondered if your handmade goods would sell in markets or online?  I have spent the past year running my own Etsy shop selling aprons and kitchen goods that I design and sew, and in that year, I have learned a thing or two about […]
Formula is Feminism, Too
My favorite historian, Ruth Goodman, says that the most important and least celebrated invention that helped women's liberation progress was the laundry machine.  Women no longer had to lose an entire day's time keeping the family's clothing clean.  Thanks to the laundry machine, we can just toss the dirty clothes into the machine, press a […]
6 Ways My Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Makes Me Happier
When my husband married me, he didn't know that I had so much baggage.  Literally.  Bags and bags and bags of clothes.   Clothes from my high school days.  Clothes from my college days.  Dresses that didn't fit but I kept because I paid too much for them to just give them away.  Sweaters that were […]
Great Presidents’ Day Reads!
It's Presidents' Day! While getting an extra long weekend is good enough reason to celebrate, we can also take a little time to remember the many great presidents of our country and what they accomplished. Here is a book list of the best Presidents' Day books on the shelf! For the youngest readers (preschool age): […]
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