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Thankful for Everyday Things

There are some days I just don't have the energy to listen to one more story, watch one more video on YouTube kids, or make one more frozen waffle. Motherhood is hard y'all. We are pulled in every direction - while wearing ALL the hats - and expected to succeed at maintaining a "perfect" life. I know I am not the only one that feels the pressure -right? This pressure doesn't even come from other people or my spouse or my children - it sometimes comes from me. Regardless of where the pressure comes from, I still feel it and it's still there - trying to rob the joy from my days.

We took a family trip up to Michigan a few weeks ago for a wedding. We had 4 days of family time and while there were still meltdowns and arguments, it was also a time where I was able to find joy in the everyday. I didn't feel the pressure and the weight. I was able to take a step back and truly soak in the trip and the time we spent together as a family.

Here are a few ways I found joy in Michigan:

  • Watching my son make a waffle every morning at the hotel breakfast buffet. He slathered it with butter, whip cream, chocolate chips, and strawberry syrup
  • Seeing my daughter dance her heart out during the wedding reception
  • Picking our favorite cupcake from the cupcake tower
  • Eating pizza and drinking beer on my cousin's deck as the second cousins ran around the yard
  • Watching the kids enjoy the refreshments on the plane - FREE SPRITES AND PEANUTS!
  • Putting a little blush and lipstick on my daughter before the wedding... she was in heaven
  • Jumping into a bed with fresh sheets EVERY night
  • Walking to a coffee shop and stopping to take in a new place
  • Snuggling together in the bed and watching TV each morning
  • Renting a car with Sirius XM radio

I could go on and on and on. Being thankful for the little moments of joy!

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Now, we are back to the daily grind... school, work, sports, practices, laundry, grocery shopping, homework, and cleaning. I am sure you could add another ten things to this list. However, I feel like I am trying to slow down and stop the pressure. Instead of pushing through and pretending it's not there, I am pushing back and not letting it steal my joy. I want to be able to step back and see the little moments in the everyday that bring joy and wonder to my children.

Pressure : you aren't welcome here anymore!

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