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How Online Grocery Shopping Changed My Life

You know that feeling you get when you hit that mom routine with a perfect 10? Like, everything just clicked, without really trying to force it?  It’s like finding unexpected time in the day to sneak in a mani/pedi.  Or getting that great haircut that makes you walk with a little more sass in your step. Well, that’s exactly how I felt after my first online grocery shopping - car delivery experience.

I don’t know a mom out there that likes dragging three three young kids through the store on an already busy weekend.  Sometimes, it’s a necessary evil. But with my three, I avoid major shopping trips with them in tow like the black plague.  So when I heard about the new service through Kroger called ClickList, I was ecstatic.  Giddy almost!

In case you are unfamiliar, ClickList is the new “order online and pick up at store” online grocery shopping service available at select Memphis-area Kroger stores.  For a nominal fee, you create a shopping list online, and they bring it out to your waiting car.  Online grocery shopping is not a new concept. In fact, online grocery home delivery has been a thing for quite a while. Ready? Here is how my first experience went……

I logged-in to my store account.  So far so good.  Immediately, I am shown a screen full of images of my most recent purchases and the ability to add them (individually or all) to my cart. Scary, but convenient at the same time.  I can see my cart total re-calculating with each click.  That's pretty cool.  The process was super easy, not unlike creating an online shopping list, and I got more excited with each addition.

I was able to save and go back a few times throughout the day when I had a few spare minutes. I scanned the online weekly ad, adding a few more things, and, finally, I felt ready to check out. First, you are instructed to reserve your pick-up time.  Online shopping is not a same-day service.  At best, it is first of the next business day depending on when you start your order.  I picked my day and time slot for Monday between 5pm – 6pm.  Next, you are prompted to review your order and then submit it.  I changed a few quantities and finalized my shopping order. The confirmation message informed me that I had up until Monday at noon to amend or add anything to my order.  What?? I can add things after?  Awesome!

On “Pick-Up Day” I woke-up like it was Christmas morning!  I was super excited to get to the store that afternoon, and I truly believe that everyone at work thought I had completely lost what was left of my mind. 

After school, we loaded up bags and backpacks after a long Monday and headed toward home.  I turned down the road, made a left, and turned on my blinker to enter the grocery store parking lot.  Immediately from the back seat I heard groaning and moaning.  “Mom WHHYYYY do we HAVE to do this NOOOWW???” I smiled sheepishly and calmly said, “Just wait, please”.  Whining and complaining continued as I circled the lot.  I pulled-up in the marked slot #1 and looked up at the phone number on the sign.   I dialed the phone number listed and answered a few questions by the pleasant lady on the phone.

Reece: “What are we doing here?”  “Mom!” “Mom!”  “What is going on?????”

Me:  “Just wait…..,” still smiling.

Reece:  “Mom! Look it's Nick’s mom!”

I looked in the parking slot to the right of us and saw my friend Erin pull-in to slot #2.  She had this same giddy sheepish grin on her face as she pulled out her phone and dialed the number on the marked post.  She hung-up and looked over in our direction, noticing Reece waving out the window. She smiled this huge smile, and I got out to go speak to her.  Immediately she smiled and said, “Isn’t this awesome?  I’m never stepping foot in a store again!” I told her this was my first time and how my excitement was overwhelming. We giggled and talked about what a convenience this is going to be for our family.

Around that time, Jacob comes out with a big smile and greets me at my car door.  He shows me my printed shopping list, waves next door to Erin, and greets her by name. He presents a list of items that were out of stock and some things that were substituted.  I hand him my credit card, he runs it on this iPad, I sign and he starts loading the back. 

That was it….. It was Awesome!  He looked a little nervous because I was noticeably controlling myself from hugging him in the middle of the parking lot.  I have to say, I did feel tears welling up just a little. I’m sure that someone else has broken down in happy tears in from of him at least once.

He looked a little nervous because I was noticeably controlling myself from hugging him in the middle of the parking lot.  I have to say, I did feel tears welling up just a little. I’m sure that someone else has broken down in happy tears in from of him at least once.

So here are my thoughts…..


  • It’s a huge win for budget conscience families that really watch the grocery bill spending carefully. It would almost eliminate impulse purchases.
  • For busy moms with packed schedules who hate dragging everyone through the store when they are tired and hungry, those trips are now a thing of the past.
  • Editing the shopping list up to a couple of hours before pick up is a great bonus feature. I was able, over the weekend, to easily add a few things that I had run out of.
  • Shopping online is available 24/7 and in your jammies.  Double bonus – no makeup required.


  • I can’t see this working well for those items I‘m pretty picky about, like produce and cuts of meat. I like my bananas green and to pick out my own steaks.
  • You will be carded for purchases from the pharmacy including OTC items that require a drivers license. If you are not the one who created the order, you will have to provide their photo ID.
  • This won’t keep you out of the store for life, but when you walk in with that post-it-note sized shopping list, you will feel like a mommy rock star.
  • You still have to put the groceries away. Jacob does not come home with you and put them away, no matter how nicely you ask.

For Memphis, this is a local first for online ordering and delivery to your waiting vehicle. Several other stores will soon be offering the same curbside type of service. Kroger is also going to be expanding its ClickList service to its East Memphis, North Mississippi, and Bartlett locations.   So grab your iPad, a beverage, and start grocery shopping!


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