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Lorrin is a born and raised Memphian who juggles family life, a full time IT job, and an in-home sewing and monogramming business. She graduated from the University of Memphis in August of 2001 with a BBA in Management Information Systems. After several years in the corporate world, she made a move into the educational sector and is currently the Data Systems Administrator for an area K2-12 private school. That move turned out to be a complete blessing to her and her family. After dating for 7 years, she married her husband, David in 1999. She and David have 2 very protective big brothers, Reece (September 2007), Dylan (November 2009) and a sweet little girl Emma Grace (February 2014). In her free time she enjoys walking Emma, Cardio Barre, sewing, cooking (something other than chicken nuggets) and family trips to the beach. A little on the obsessive compulsive side, her latest addiction has been binge watching the Curse of Oak Island and Hunting Hitler on the History Channel.

consignment sale clothes
Spring 2022 Mid-South Children’s Consignment Sale Directory
How be successful at a consignment sale – Making the most of your quarantine time (part 4) Hi friends!  I’m back!  I have happily been asked to update the semi-annual posting of our Memphis Mom Collective Mid-South Consignment Sale Directory.  We’ve all had lots of time held up at home much more than we’ve preferred […]
Memphis Moms Blog spring consignment guide
MMB’s Spring 2019 Mid-South Children’s Consignment Sale Directory
The “Sport” of Consigning If last spring had been an Olympic event, it would've been a 200 meter sprint. Shoot out of the gate and run like crazy to tag, drop off, pickup, and repeat in a matter of approximately 14 days.  There were a few preliminaries to participate in, but the bulk of the […]
Memphis Moms Blog elementary sports mom
Reflections of an Elementary Sports Mom
It was an ordinary Tuesday evening at an elementary football game.  Ordinary, for anyone but me.  I looked up from helping my 4 year old with her Happy Meal, for just a minute,  and there my son was, standing in center field for the coin toss and official introductions.   Then,  a mere 6 minutes later, […]
Fall 2018 Consignment Directory – The “Business” of Consigning
Fall 2018 Mid-South Children’s Consignment Sale Directory Sweet sweet summertime. Maybe you have just gotten into your summer-time grove of pool, snacks, sunscreen and playdates, on the repeat... or maybe, by now, you’re just over summer altogether. It won’t be long before those kiddos of yours are back in school or MDO and you can […]
Broken Mom Challenge
Why can’t we just cut ourselves a break for once? I mean, most of us moms out there push ourselves, to the limit, daily for our families. It occurred to me again just this morning when I saw a mom at school who was having a rough time. She was broken. She had hit a […]


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