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Courtney is a small-town Texas gal who moved to Memphis in 2007 to work at the University of Memphis…oh and for this guy who would become her husband almost one year to the day later. Fast forward 9 years down the line and she loves the Memphis life, specifically East Memphis and Midtown, and has three amazing children who were all December babies! Doug (2009) is the loving watchman for his two younger sisters, Adlee (2013) the free spirit and Nora (2014) the easy going baby. When she isn’t working, pretending she’s a cool Pinterest mom, going to school parties, cleaning house or momming in general, Courtney loves to read fiction and self-help books, follow college football (Go Tigers, go! And Gig’ em Aggies!), rearrange furniture (to the level of it being a talent and hobby), DIY house projects for their 1938 home, laugh with her girlfriends and spend time with that sweet guy who brought her to Memphis all those years ago for this crazy, amazing life.

Busy Mom Life Hacks {Meals}
Feeding people sounds like it's not that big of a deal.  I actually did love to cook once, when it was leisurely.  But then I had multiple people to cook for.  With multiple schedules.  Who like to eat multiple meals a day.  When you add all the components together it can be overwhelming. I fought meal planning […]
Roll Tape: Highlight Reel Now Playing
Does anyone remember the old "brag books" our parents and grandparents would carry around? They were filled with pictures of their family?  Or even the old picture sleeves that came in wallets which people actually used?  (Hence the reason for the term "wallet size" on those school picture order forms!)  The pictures in these books […]
vegetables from a garden
Veggie Tales: My First CSA Experience
Like most urban moms, I often analyze the benefits and drawbacks of city life for my children.  The benefits of being close to museums, festivals, and a variety of cultures comes with drawbacks like not knowing what it's like to run through wide open fields or grow your own vegetables.  Blame my small-town Texas roots, […]
Busy Mom Life Hacks {Organization}
Busy mom.  Sounds kind of redundant doesn't it?  I don't know the last time, if ever, I met a mom who wasn't busy or feeling overwhelmed.  It starts when you go through the nesting phase, and continues on.  Some tell me it never stops!  Let's hope that was just some meaningless mom hazing though.  Personally, […]
Sticker Shock: The story of TWO babies in ONE year
Once upon a time, in a magical, clean, quiet land, a well-rested fair lady wrapped up a positive pregnancy test in a pretty box with a green bow, and took pictures while her prince charming opened it.  Their first baby!  The prince and the lady were both thrilled, and mildly surprised, but excited for the […]


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