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woman wearing yoga pants and no panties
Ditching the Panties; That Time I Went Commando and Loved It

Yoga pants are the new wave of fashion for moms. Flattering, comfortable, and versatile, but at the same time, a tad revealing. And if you're like me and live the majority of your life in these stretchy wonders, you've probably come across the problem : panties.

woman wearing yoga pants and no panties

Granny panties: a DEFINITE no go. I'm telling you this as your friend. Stop wearing them with your yoga pants. We can see everything, and it isn't pretty.

Thong: While this is a better option, and my long time go-to, it's not perfect. While the panty lines around my butt cheeks aren't a problem, the lines going up and over my peachy peach are still visible.

Several athletic-wear stores sell "seamless" panties. Trust me, there is no such thing.

While talking with a friend in the presence of a tried and true "granny pantser" she said something that blew me away: she never, ever wears panties. Never.

"What about, when you're working out?" I asked inquisitively?


"When you're wearing jeans?"


As I sat there stunned, she told me to try it just for one day. She even went so far as to say it would change my life.

Challenge accepted.

Let's be honest here for a second. Thongs are a piece of fabric that gets shoved right up your butt. I get the visual appeal and all but really, at the end of the day it doesn't feel great to have a sliver of fabric tucked front to back giving you an eternal wedgie. Really, I felt like I had nothing to lose.

The next day I felt like I was walking around with some big secret. I changed into my workout clothes and did the whole thing commando. I took a shower and got dressed, avoiding that top drawer and feeling slightly awkward, but also strangely free.

Remember when I said I felt like I was walking around with a secret? That's not really a bad thing. Knowing that you're walking around a little exposed might get you feeling a little frisky. When your husband sees you giving him the look, you just might make his day by being the one to make the first move. I'll tell you from experience that my husband is Team Commando all the way.

When my friend first told me about her panty-less lifestyle I assumed it would make me feel...dirty. Not dirty in the frisky way, but actually dirty. I imagined sweating without a barrier would be just a tad gross, but it wasn't. If you think about it, the sweat is there no matter what, so why have 2 layers of sweaty clothing when you could just have one? Less is more, right?

After my little experiment, I dove into some research. I wondered if it was actually good for you to ditch the panties, or if it would do more harm than good. I found that layering up down there can keep in all sorts of bacteria. UTIs and yeast infections only grow when you've got no space to breathe. Another point goes to Team Commando.

My experiment lasted several days, and here's what I'll tell you: My southern regions will be free more often than not, but not always. In jeans, black yoga pants, and shorts, I'll choose a life of liberation. My fair warning though: if you are wearing any color yoga pants besides black, and you've pushed children out of those parts, it's best to have a layer of protection there, just for dignity's sake. That's my honest opinion. If you're at home and won't see anyone, or if you just are of the rare breed of humans that doesn't care what people think, go for it all day every day.

Where do you stand? Do you cover up or let it breathe? If you're a skeptic, try it before you deny it and let me know!

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