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accepting who I am now
Reflecting and Accepting

We're well into the new year now, but as I reflect on 2019 and continue to plan for 2020, I realize something: it may have taken 35 years, but it's finally happened...I'm accepting of myself.

I can run to the store in yoga pants and make-up free, wear a Harry Potter themed dress to a Harry Potter concert, wear glasses instead of contacts, and I don’t feel the need to go to every event we’re invited to. I've fully embraced things that 10 years ago I would've been embarrassed about.

In my early twenties, I was still trying to "fit in"- I joined a popular sorority (social club) when I started college, downplayed my nerdiness (no HP apparel), and tried to be outgoing. When I transferred colleges my Junior year, I joined the cheerleading squad and could be found dancing at Silverado's almost every Thursday night.

All of this feels like a lifetime ago or almost as if it was someone else's life. I'm glad that I branched out and did things that were out of my comfort zone, but as I've gotten older I've realized I'm okay with being myself. I don't feel the need to fit in with everyone else. 

Most weekends now (after the kids go to bed, of course!) you can find me in a recliner wearing my Harry Potter quidditch robe, drinking Prosecco, and watching The Office on Netflix or reading a book.

This doesn't mean I stay at home all the time. I enjoy hanging with other special needs moms whenever I can, love going to the MMB Read Between the Wines Book Club meetings, volunteering, and traveling with my husband (whenever our Moms can babysit).

I’ve just accepted that I don’t like having a party to go to every weekend, and I don’t feel the need to be out and about all the time.

Maybe, you're wondering how this has anything to do with #momlife. In my opinion, accepting who I am and being happy with myself has undoubtedly made me a better Mom. While I'm not a perfect Mom by any means, I am hoping that being confident in myself helps my kids learn to have same confidence. 

accepting me for me...Harry Potter style


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