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Making time for self-care

Stressed out? Too much to do? Too anxious about all the stuff happening in the world? Too much mom guilt?

You need to take time for self-care! When you take care of yourself first, before taking care of others, you have more to give. More energy (because you will feel recharged), more love (because you have loved yourself first), and more creativity (because you first created space in your head).

Not sure what to do? I created this list of 50 self-care ideas for you to try. I have tried these myself, and I love choosing something from this list each time I feel overwhelmed, stressed out, or simply just need some time for myself.

  1. Do your nails (or get them done)
  2. Exercise (at home, at a studio, outside, or in a gym. Really, anywhere!)
  3. Read a book (whether its educational or just some good fiction)
  4. Take an online course to learn something
  5. Write something inspiring (on paper or on your computer)
  6. Meditate
  7. Color (yes, adults color too! There are so many cool adult coloring books)
  8. Find a DIY project and try to make it (there are so many to find! Use Pinterest)
  9. Do something daring (like roller skating, sky diving etc.)
  10. Watch a movie (at home, with a friend, or at the theatre)
  11. Get a massage
  12. Go outside and enjoy nature (anywhere!)
  13. Create art (paint, draw, craft, etc.)
  14. Make a photo album or scrapbook
  15. Play a game you like
  16. Go for drinks with friends
  17. Call or text a friend
  18. Write notecards or letters to friends and family (I love to do this!)
  19. Eat something you like (whether its junk food or a healthy meal!)
  20. Cook something new
  21. Have a nice cup of (wellness) tea or coffee
  22. Take a nice hot shower or bath
  23. Explore a new place
  24. Eat at a new restaurant
  25. Make an affirmation board for you to look at every day
  26. Buy a nice thing for yourself
  27. Listen to some fun music and make a playlist with your 'happy songs'
  28. Sing (or scream) your favorite song
  29. Dance your heart out
  30. Take a fun (scenic) drive around town
  31. Make a fire and enjoy it (and maybe have some s'mores, just for yourself!)
  32. Take a nap
  33. Play some music or learn to play an instrument
  34. Journal
  35. Relax/put your feet up at your favorite spot (in your house or somewhere relaxing!)
  36. Pray or engage in other spiritual activities
  37. Do something to help someone else (volunteer somewhere you are passionate about)
  38. Experiment with your hairstyle
  39. Use a weighted blanket (it helps with anxiety)
  40. Snuggle an animal (a real one or your favorite stuffed one haha)
  41. Get your favorite icecream by yourself (my favorite thing to do when I need self-care)
  42. Look at fun pictures and ideas in magazines
  43. Find a comfort scent: flowers, nice candles, essential oils, etc.
  44. Aromatherapy: diffuse essential oils in your home or use them on your skin.
  45. Get some sensory toys and use them for yourself (stress balls etc.)
  46. Visit antique stores and find some unique old items (even if you don't buy them)
  47. Laugh (find something that makes you smile a lot)
  48. Decorate your house
  49. Use a (lacrosse/tennis) ball, TENS machine, scraper, or foam roller to give yourself a  massage (self-myofascial release)
  50. Get organized (you can do this in many ways!)

If none of these activities are working and my anxiety is really ramped up, I like to do the 'quick writing' activity. I set a timer for 5 minutes, and write literally everything that comes to my mind. Just one word at a time, but I continue the whole 5 minutes until my head is empty and the five minutes are over.

being in nature and making time for self-care
Self-care in nature (#12)

Most of these self-care activities are available in the comfort of your own home, but just in case you want to leave your house, here are some places I would suggest (and are my personal favorites!) for self-care in Memphis:

  1. Gloss Nail Bar (for #1)
  2. The Healing Point (for #11)
  3. City&State (for #21 and #5)
  4. Sugar Ghost (for #41)
  5. Five in One Social Club (for #8)
  6. Shelby Farms Park (for #12)
  7. Rumba Room (for #29)
  8. Molly Fontaines (for #16)
  9. Memphis Listening Lab (for #27)
  10. Phenix Salon (for #38)

It is a myth that you can't do self-care while your kids are around. You can make a nice drink for yourself, take a few deep breaths, and continue on with the day.

Take care of yourself mommas! You're not just a mom. 

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