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Friday Favorites by Amelia

If you’re like me, you value shopping locally and enjoy browsing the aisles of a store, inspecting items before you make a purchase. If you’re like me, you also value your time and energy, so the ability to do your shopping online is something that is also important.

Luckily for you, I’ve found ways to shop online and support small (or once small) businesses whose practices I can stand behind. I’m also here to share the products I’ve tried, so that you can skip that step and simply enjoy them.

City Tasting Box

City Tasting box is the best shop

Talk about local and small business– this is about as local and small as you can get. City Tasting Box is a “boutique e-commerce shop that curates a blend of packaged goods from famed Memphis restaurants and chefs, up-and-coming local food artisans, and other Memphis inspired crafts…” There are a few box options from which to shop, and each comes with an assortment of items across the salty – to – sweet spectrum. I’ve purchased The Majority Box and the Support Local Box on several occasions, and the recipients always give rave reviews.

Whether you’re looking for a gift to send to someone out of town or want to sample some local edible items without having to shop around, these boxes are for you!

Third Love

shop from Third Love for bras!

I used to be a Victoria’s Secret/Pink person, until I fell in love with Third Love. I fell prey to the ads that interrupted my favorite who-done-it murder podcast, promising me no more side boob or spillage. Count me in! I was willing to give a web-based intimates company a chance so I could be comfortable and still look cute in my clothes.

Guess what? They were telling the truth. These bras are legit. I am no longer yanking, tugging, or pulling to adjust my over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. I no longer see the outline of my bra under my thin shirts. The shape of my cleavage is still defined. Hip, hip, (boob, boob?) hooray!

Third Love offers half sizes, free returns and exchanges after a graciously long period of time, and other equally awesome products like workout apparel and underwear. They even have mix & match kits! Everyone is into a kit these days!

Speaking of awesome, they also run a program for women-of-color entrepreneurs to take their start-up to the next level. Time to level up your brasier.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest smoothies

I may have been a late adopter of this online meal service, but I made it to the Daily Harvest party, unfashionably late. It was actually a Montessori-based parenting influencer on social media who posted a discount code that motivated me to try it, but I had been eyeing it for years ever since my sleep-deprived medical fellow friend was always carrying the signature cup as she was scarfing the contents on the run.

Sustainable, organic, whole, vegan – that’s all important to me. But what really sells this subscription service to my family is how easy and tasty it is! You choose how frequently you want a shipment (as often as weekly), you pick your items, and then a box with dry ice shows up on your doorstep like magic with delicious cups/bowls/trays of frozen goodness inside. When you’re ready to eat, you follow the very simple directions on the packaging and you’re ready to eat at home or on the go.

I especially like the smoothies. You just add liquid (think something like almond milk), blend it in your preferred device (blender, Vitamix, Ninja, Bullet), put it back into the cup from whence it came, and eat it up. (Pro tip: one cup is technically one serving, but I usually share it with someone or save half for the next day.)

Honest Company

I shop Honest Company diapers

I was sure I’d be a cloth diapering parent. But - let's be honest - then my daughter arrived and, well, we all know how the best made plans go… I searched far and wide for disposable diapers, and quickly landed on Honest Company. They’re plant-based, fragrance free, and highly absorbent. Not to mention that the designs are adorable.

Sure, you can shop for them at big box retailers, but nothing beats the tried-and-true subscription that you can manage from the comfort of your couch or child’s changing table. One perk of the subscription is that you can pick different designs each time, and that means precious seasonal and special occasion themes. Another perk is that you can add on other items at a discount, such as soap (truly tear-free), diaper crème, and even non-baby items. Honest Company even offers a free item each month of your sustained subscription, and I’ve chosen house cleaning/disinfecting sprays, makeup, and more.

Oh, and you also get wipes. Lots of plant-based wipes. Now that we’re done with diapers, I might keep buying the makeup and wipes because they’re that good.

Chickadees Wooden Toys

wooden toys made right here in Tennessee

Sensory play is all the rage, am I right? Couple that with handmade wooden toys from a woman-owned Tennessee-based e-commerce shop and you’ve hit the jackpot. Chickadees Wooden Toys offers wooden, felt, and other natural material tinker toy products. You can buy pre-assembled sensory bins or build your own with loose parts.

Whether you or a child you know is into playing with dough, building with blocks, or make-believing and in tiny imaginary worlds, Chickadees has you covered.  They also have learning resources, tools, and activities for homeschooling or education-based play. Their products also fit a variety of aesthetics with both natural neutral tones and painted/stained rainbow colors. (So far, we have the rainbow peg people and rainbow acorn loose parts.)

Be sure to follow them on social media and/or subscribe to their email list so you can be the first to know when they’re going to drop a new product (they tend to go fast).


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