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Gina spent most of her formative years in Collierville, left for college and graduate school, returned to Memphis in 2012, and has been here ever since. She is a genetic counselor at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where she assists families in better understanding genetic contributions to childhood cancer. She and her husband live in Midtown Memphis and have a daughter (April 2018) and a son (January 2020). In her spare time, Gina enjoys listening to too many podcasts, reading, trying new skin care products, and finding her next Netflix binge.

consignment store
Memphis Consignment Shop Round-Up for Moms!
We're all looking for ways to be friendlier to the planet these days, and one major environmental problem is fast fashion or the manufacturing practice of rapidly producing clothing at a high volume to keep up with current trends. Usually these clothes are made of less-than-quality materials and use an incredible amount of resources to make, […]
Native American man dancing
Celebrate Native American Heritage Month!
As 2021 winds down (somehow??) and we turn our collective gaze to the holiday season, there's a lot to focus on: holiday decorating, travel planning, gift-buying, more grocery shopping than usual, school events...the list goes on. This November, however, I invite all of us who are non-Native to consider focusing on something that may usually […]
breast cancer ribbon
Breast Cancer and Genetic Testing :: A Genetic Counselor Weighs In
Note: I am a genetic counselor, but I'm not YOUR genetic counselor. This information is hopefully helpful, but each person's situation is different. Want to meet with a genetic counselor? Find one near you at: findageneticcounselor.comThere's a lot you can inherit from your family: your hair color, your eye color, your morbid sense of humor...but […]
A black and white photo of an adult masculine hand and baby hand are fist bumping
My Husband is a Stay-At-Home Dad
My husband never envisioned himself as a stay-at-home dad. Both he and I were raised in fairly “traditional” households, in which our fathers were the primary wage-earners, and our mothers stayed home full time for most of our formative years. Both of us knew that we’d like to be parents ourselves one day, and a […]
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Parenting Podcasts Round-Up!
Here at MMC, we're big fans of podcasts. Podcasts have become the go-to medium for learning something new, and parenting-related topics are no different! So when I recently put out a call for favorite parenting podcasts, our community delivered! We've included podcasts from a variety of parenting philosophies, perspectives, and styles, so whether you're a […]
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