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woman in period panties
Period Panties FTW

Hey Social Media ads, what is this expensive period underwear you keep shoving in my face? Do they work? Are they comfortable? How and when should I use them?

Let me tell you all about my experience with 8th world wonder.

Growing up I rarely, if ever, got my period. I had all sorts of emotions tied to my no period period. At first, I felt left out when all my friends were whispering about “aunt flow” and all that it entails; I was completely unable to relate. I soon got over my FOMP and realized I was the luckiest girl in the world. Not having to deal with mood swings, bloating, blood. Jackpot! My periodless bliss lasted right through my young adult stage of life.

When I became sexually active, I started taking the pill for precautionary reasons leading me to get my period like clockwork, every 28 days (to the hour) for exactly 48 light-flow hours. No biggie.

As I got married and entered the next phase of life, the chapter where I yearned for the insanity bliss that is motherhood, all the missed and/or light period glory days came crashing down hard when I found myself unable to get pregnant. Four tough years of infertility treatments and finally, two kids later, as my youngest was just turning one, I was thrown a disaster of a curve ball. A big old blast of a period, complete with All. The. Things.

Reflecting on the days leading up to the mother of all periods, I realized there were times when I wanted to punch a wall with rage, for no reason at all. And contraction like cramps came on hard. Now blood everywhere, I was concerned I had ruptured something internally. Surely this was not normal. Come to find out, as confirmed by my OBGYN, that this was in fact my first cycle of 100% percent female anatomy normalcy.

So here I am, a 35-year-old woman getting her “real” period for the first time and I have no idea what to do. Yes, I’ve used a tampon (about 30 in total over the course of my life) and no, I will not wear a pad because that’s just gross. So, you’re telling me I need to excuse myself to the restroom every few hours for 5-7 days every 21-29 days and even then, I will destroy 1-5 pairs of underwear per period? This madness has got to stop. Isn’t there some sort of an app, tool, technology, stem cell injection, whatever that can cure me of this mess?

period supplies

After extensive research, I’ve come to find out that the short answer is no. That the gaggle of men out there paving the way with innovation have yet to come up with a solution for all the bitchy women in their lives. Alas, women have created something genius. Enter the period panty! And while there are a few brands out there, Modi Bodi is my period panty of choice. Here’s why:

They are a decent price. You can get them on Amazon. They have a great selection of styles and absorbencies, including activewear, maternity, and swimwear. Their models are all shapes and colors, they give back to a cause, and most importantly, THEY WORK!

I’ve never “overflowed” and/or felt icky wearing them. Nope, no smell either (admit it, you were wondering). They wick away liquid and feel as if you’re wearing normal underwear. In fact, I often feel “fresher” wearing them than I would with a tampon. Wearing period panties also means fewer worries about tampon leakage and/or destruction of underwear and fewer trips to the bathroom to change the darn tampons. Also, less waste, less mess, and less shoving things in holes. Not to mention fewer instances of the forgetful freak out – when’s the last time I’ve changed this thing? Or did I ever take it out? TSS, we’re just not that into you…

Note that Period Panties can be used for some or all of your period days but they are not cheap. So if you’re going 100% period panty for throughout, you will need roughly 14 pair (assuming you have a 7 day period and want a day pair and a night pair).

woman in period panties

Here’s how I use them:

Day 1: things are light and the momentum is just starting to build – Forgot the tampon and go for the PP.

Night 1: Change into a fresh pair of PP

Days 2-4: (Heavier days) Tampons with a pair of grungy undies in case of spillover

Nights 2-4: PP. I prefer them to tampons at night

Days + nights 5-7: PP all the way till the end

To care for them, before throwing them in the wash, just rinse them out in the sink. Kinda gross but come on, I’ve gone out in public with my son’s poop smeared on my forehead.

I, in no way shape or form, work for ModiBodi but kind of wish I did. You will too once you try them.

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