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If the Kids Aren’t Around, Does Mom Still Exist?

Have any of your partners or kids ever wondered if Mom still exists if they aren't around?  Yes, the answer is yes.  If the kids and dads aren't around, moms do still exist!  In fact, we actually know how to have some fun and enjoy our alone time, too.  I know, I know, "Mom Fun" doesn't sound like much....well, fun. But trust us - it is!  If you catch a mom alone in her house with no kids or husband around, here are a few things you are likely to catch her doing:


  1. Fixing a meal for herself that involves more than bites of what she is making for others.  She will also, likely, sit to enjoy this meal instead of the usual standing, and she might even venture to eat it on a real plate! 
  2. Giving herself a spa treatment.  In the bathroom.  By herself, with the door WIDE OPEN because no one is there to bang on it while demanding to come in and use the restroom that has been vacant for the last two hours until Mom went in, or demanding a snack that will prevent them from dying of starvation that very minute.  Speaking of snacks, she will also likely partake in a guilty pleasure kid-snack while doing her spa treatment.  Fruit Roll-Up, anyone?
  3. Taking a HOT shower or bath that is long enough to wash AND condition her hair AND shave her legs.  There will also be no random toilet flushing or surprise openings of the shower curtain.
  4. Drinking a HOT cup of coffee.  And drinking it until it is finished!
  5. Reading the last year's worth of her magazine subscriptions that have accumulated on the mail table.  Brangelina are getting divorced?!  There is such a color as greige?  Who knew?!  Not moms, that's for sure.
  6. Crafting while watching the ending to a kid's movie or show.  Do you know how many kid movies a mom has endured watching?  Thousands.  Do you know many she has seen the ending to?  Three.  And sometimes we really want to know, what happened to Moana?  (Watch the ending, Moms, it's cute!)
  7. After a kid-movie endings marathon, she will watch a Fixer Upper marathon.  Or, fill in favorite HGTV title *here,* and she'll be watching it. That Chip and Joanna sure know how to make a girl have house and marriage envy!
  8. HGTV will leave her feeling ultra motivated and ready to tackle an insane amount of house projects and life in general.  All of this motivation will lead to lists.  Lots of lists.  She will take this alone time to make herself and the family feel more organized and less chaotic.  Who doesn't love that?
  9. Now all of the list writing is making her think about her family.  You are pretty cute.  And Sweet.  
  10. The alone time is probably about over, but now that she's missing you all she's ready to do something for her family again.  When you get home, you will now probably find her making a meal and doing laundry.  You know, back to normal "mom fun."

Moms.  We are funny creatures.  We love our alone time and getting to feel like ourselves again, but at the end of the day, "ourself" is still a mom, and we love it!



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