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Carolina Guske is a District Manager for ALDI and moved to Memphis five years ago for the job. She and her husband are high school sweethearts and total opposites. You can almost guarantee Carolina will have a Starbucks cup in hand at any given time of day. Carolina has one daughter, Blair, who is equal parts doll and terror (aren’t all toddlers?).

baby shoes
The Next Time I Have a Baby
I can’t be the only one who looks back at their first go at being a mom and thinks, ”Wow, I would do that so differently now.” Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I am not proud of my journey becoming a mother nor that I think I did a terrible job, but I can’t […]
2021 goals
I’m a Goal Setter and you should be too.
I was talking to a friend last week and something she said to me was so relatable, I can’t stop thinking about it. We were talking about goals and she said she could set and meet just about any goal professionally- but when it came to her personal life, it annoyed her how she never […]
Move over TJs, shop Aldi for your Holiday Faves!
For those of you who know me, it is no secret I am a little obsessed with ALDI. Granted, I work there, but I absolutely love the products (and my people- shout out to the Guske District!). If you haven’t shopped at ALDI before, let me tell you a little bit about this unique gem. […]
Friday Faves
Friday Favorites by Carolina
Happy Friday, Ya’ll! What better way to celebrate another week ending than to share with you my top 5 favorites right now?!? As a working mom who is always looking for ways to save time while not selling myself short, this list will make those of you who like me, count running late as cardio, […]
I Stood up for an Internet Stranger
I stood up for an Internet stranger. I don’t quite know what made this one single post my breaking point, but it did. It struck a chord, hit a nerve, and I just couldn’t stay quiet anymore. It wasn’t by any means the worst post I’ve ever seen, or the most controversial, but to me […]
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