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monday motivation
Andrea’s Monday Motivation
Hi, I’m Andrea and I’m a personal trainer at Burn Boot Camp Collierville. My husband and I have an 8 month old little girl named Raegan and a 2 year old pit bull named Flex. Both are super energetic, silly, and loving! I grew up in southern California, where I was a cheerleader and power tumbler. I cheered through college, which is where I found the motivation to continue my journey of health and fitness!

Over the next 6 months, Andrea is going to give us motivation as mothers in three specific areas. She’s going to provide positive affirmations and mantras to help us achieve good mental health. A workout will be provided, focusing on strength and agility, getting our heart rate up and helping us to feel strong. Plus, physical health doesn’t stop at exercise — it’s proper nutrition. Andrea will be providing easy (and yummy) recipes to keep us eating healthy!

monday motivation

All of something is better than all or nothing.

As summer starts to roll around, it seems like people get a second wind on the fitness goals they set up for themselves in January. Whether you're re-upping or getting a fresh start, I have an important piece of advice for you that can quite literally change your life when it comes to fitness: All of SOMETHING over all or NOTHING. Too many people embrace the latter. They think they have to drink a daily gallon of water, cut out sugar, get 8 hours of sleep every night, work out 6 times a week, and only eat chicken and broccoli, if they want to reach their goals. And as soon as they miss just one of those things, all hell breaks loose. "Well, I already messed up, so I might as well [insert something that is 3x worse than whatever already happened]." Sound familiar?

We have to get rid of the mindset that if we want to reach our fitness goals, we have to be 100% perfect. That isn't a thing. I am a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer. Fitness is literally life, and even I'm not 100% perfect.

As soon as you start to embrace the fact that 50% is better than 0%, you're going to realize your goals more permanently. Maybe not as quickly, but definitely more sustainably. Birthdays happen, anniversaries happen, vacation happens. Don't be afraid to allow those things and celebrations into your life!

Enjoy them for what they are, and then get back on track. Don't have an hour for a workout, but can squeeze a 15 minute blast in? Then do that! Maybe 15 isn't as great as 60, but you know what it's better than? Zero.

Start with small, manageable habits that you can implement into your life, and then build on it. Be proud of yourself for the steps you're taking, even if you think they aren't big enough. As long as you keep taking steps forward, no matter how small, you're making progress and you haven't failed.

Keep it up mama, you're doing great!

monday motivation

Full Body Strength

 To keep in line with my all or something theme, I'm going to write two 15-minute workouts. If you're short on time, do one. If you have plenty of time, do it twice, or do both!

Workout 1

Warm up

2 min AMRAP
10 body weight squats
5 push ups


4 exercises. 90sec each. 2 times through

Sumo squat to hammer curl
Wall sit with a shoulder press
Glute bridge with a chest press
Single arm snatch


1 min max push ups.
Go without stopping!

Workout 2

Warm up

3 min AMRAP
10 shoulder taps (each side)
10 alternating reverse lunges


This is a stack workout. You will give yourself 10 minutes to get as many reps as you can!

Start with 8 reps of everything, and increase by 2, each time you get back to it.

Half to full weighted squats
Standing tricep extensions
Weighted sit up
Push up to renegade row
Reverse lunge to bicep curl


30 seconds : 15 seconds 2x each pair

Push ups : high plank hold
V ups : hollow hold
Squats : squat pulse

monday motivation

Barbecue Baked Sweet Potato

This is my FAVORITE healthy "cheat" meal. It tastes super indulgent, but is actually nutrient dense, helps me fill out my protein goals, and I get some good complex carbs in.


Sweet potatoes
Boneless chicken (I prefer thighs)
BBQ sauce of choice (I use G. Hughes sugar free BBQ sauce)

Optional toppings: Cheese, greek yogurt, jalapenos

I usually do this with chicken that I have previously meal prepped, but if you don't have any, preheat your oven to 375, and spread out your chicken on a baking sheet. I keep seasoning simple with garlic salt and pepper.

Bake for 20 minutes, or however long it takes for your chicken to be done (this will really depend on the size of your chicken).

I know the recipe is called "baked" potatoes, but I microwave mine ???? It's about 6 min for one, but you can put as many in your microwave as will fit. Increase the time by 3 min for each one.

Once your chicken and potatoes are cooked, it's just dressing it up!

Dice or shred your chicken, and bathe it in BBQ sauce! Then top your sweet potatoes!

I usually go for chicken, jalapenos, cheese, and greek yogurt (great sub for sour cream).

Super easy, super delicious, and helps you reach those protein goals!

Thanks for checking me out this month! If you do the workout or make the recipe, be sure to tag me on Instagram @memfitdre.


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