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10 Mom-Positive Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Motherhood is a tough gig. As moms (and women), we're constantly doubting ourselves and questioning our worth and abilities as caregivers, partners, friends, or daughters, despite how much we kill it on the daily. In this age of social media, it's especially hard to escape negativity when your Instagram feed is continuously filled with posts that spark a lot of unnecessary comparison and jealousy. 

"How can she look THAT good so soon after giving birth?"

"She's adjusted with going back to work a lot better than I have .. "

"Why isn't my house that clean?"

"How does she make time to go on so many trips?"

"I'll never be as beautiful as she is ... "

A good, old-fashioned social media purge is a healthy exercise of self-care I try to do every couple months. I highly recommend it for anyone who asks themselves any variation of the questions above or is just feeling down after scrolling through any of your newsfeeds.

Unfollowing accounts that make you feel less-than is Step 1 of the purge. Step 2 is the fun part — filling those empty slots in your Instagram feed with inspiration, support, and positivity. Here are 10 accounts we love and recommend you follow ASAP.

1. @thebirdspapaya

Memphis Moms Blog Instagram

If you're looking for honesty, acceptance, and real life, this is the page to follow. Landry chronicles her life and all the changes — good and bad — she's endured over the years, including childbirth, divorce, new relationships, and raising incredible kids. She embraces these milestones, big and small, with an open heart and mind. I especially love how she embraces her postpartum body: honoring its beauty, strength, and capabilities.

2. @positivelysparkly

Memphis Moms Blog Instagram

Like its name implies, this account is both positive and sparkly. This is a great page to follow if you're looking for uplifting messages, an appealing aesthetic, and plenty of relatable humor. I also like that this Instagram feed's target audience isn't necessarily moms. While it's important to fill your social media with parenthood-focused posts, I think following pages that help connect you with other parts of your identity is a good way to remember you're more than just "Mom."

3. @meg.boggs

Memphis Moms Blog Instagram

This account is all about motherhood, body positivity, and loving yourself throughout the fourth trimester, aka postpartum. Not only does Boggs practice what she preaches, but she empowers other mama influencers to do the same. Check out her #slowmobodyflow video with @thegarciadiaries@theperfectmom, and @katiemcrenshaw⁣, inspired by @thebirdspapaya, to see for yourself.

4. @WhatToExpect

Memphis Moms Blog Instagram

Brought to you by the same experts behind "What to Expect When You're Expecting," the No. 1 pregnancy and parenting brand, this account is a wealth of knowledge and support for all mamas. They have resources for everything from pregnancy and delivery to breastfeeding, baby's first foods, birthday party ideas, and potty training. This is a judgement-free zone with its only goals being to educate parents and create a community of support, understanding, and acceptance.

5. @goodfortheswole

Memphis Moms Blog Instagram

Can you say free workouts? Becky, the founder of Good for the Swole, is a mother, pre- and postnatal specialist, certified personal trainer, and spin instructor; and she shares a ton of workouts you can do from home directly from her feed. Just tap the save icon in the bottom right corner to keep a record of your favorite workouts to do at your convenience. She also shares a ton of great recipes and advice on how to parent toddlers, based off of her own experience with her daughter, Piper, and son, Jack.

6. @mom.worthy

Memphis Moms Blog Instagram

This account is chock-full of hilarious memes and relatable quotes all about #momlife. It never fails that if I'm in need of a good laugh, these posts will do the trick. This page is the brainchild of Britt Kavanaugh and Sami Moses, the founders of "The Mom Worthy Podcast," The Mom Worthy podcast is a place where moms talk about the struggles, joys, and reality of motherhood. You can listen to their podcast on Spotify.

7. @mindbodygreen

Memphis Moms Blog Instagram

While this account isn't dedicated to moms, it does promote wellness, which is crucial for anyone, but especially parents. This page features inspirational quotes, ideas for self-care, feng shui tips, healthy recipes, living green, and suggestions for taking care of all of yourself — mind, body, heart, and soul. Check out their website and podcast for more information about their well-rounded approach to wellness.

8. @motherhoodunderstood

Memphis Moms Blog Instagram

This account is a platform and community for all the overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed mamas — or anyone who knows a mom struggling with these emotions. Women who suffer from pre- or postpartum anxiety, depression, or even rage often suffer in silence, too ashamed to admit to friend, family, or doctors how they're really feeling. Motherhood Understood's goal is to "educate, connect, and prepare women for the emotional complications that sometimes accompany childbirth in the weeks, months, and even years that follow. The stuff nobody warns you about." I love and appreciate that this Instagram account normalizes these struggles and sheds light on how difficult postpartum can be for some moms (myself included).

9. @diaryofafitmommyofficial

Memphis Moms Blog Instagram

Sia Cooper wears a lot of hats — wife, mother of two, nurse, NASM personal trainer, blogger, motorcycle rider, the list goes on and on. She shares killer workouts you can do in the comfort of home in about 30 minutes. Whether you're looking to tone up, shed pounds, get stronger, or just sweat and feel good, this is the Instagram page to follow. 

10. @odwyer_sio9

Memphis Moms Blog Instagram

Sometimes moms need a break from all the motherhood content and just need to look at something pretty. That's why I love this account's aesthetic. No inspirational quotes, testimonies, or before-and-after pictures. Just beautiful photos of wildflowers, rainbows, retro vans, beaches, and sunshine. I love seeing these gorgeous photos pop up on my Instagram feed and knowing I don't have to read a long caption or think too hard; I can just enjoy it. 

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