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I’m Still Mom: An Open Letter to My Grown Children

Dear kids,

I know you’re officially “grown” and past the age where I take care of your every need — and want. But guess what, I’m still Mom.

I know you are managing well and “oh so independent” in college and in your new home. But guess what, I’m still Mom.

Watching you all grow into adulthood has been quite a journey. One that at times I’m really, really ready for (yes, I said it!) and at other times, I want to turn back the hands of the clock and have all of you home again for our dinnertime discussions. (Those will never be forgotten!)

When we talk on the phone and I bombard you with questions about what you ate, or how you're taking care of a cough, or how much sleep you’re getting, understand that I ask because I care. If I didn’t, those questions would never leave my lips.

And when you tell me you’re going to a party or out of town with friends and I ask that you check in periodically, I know you think I’m treating you like a little kid. But that is true mom worry. Check out the meme about kids not answering their mom’s calls and texts, and she thinks they’re not answering because they’re lying in a ditch somewhere. Yes, that’s me all the way. Sorry kids, I’m still Mom.

So, while we’re all adjusting to this new “normal” — where our daily group texts keep us all in the loop instead of the dinner table discussions, to where holiday plans are made months in advance to make sure everyone can be there, to where we’re all meeting up at your sibling’s new home for a visit, whew, so much has changed! — please bear with me, because yes, I’m still Mom. 

And I always will be. Just like the lighthouse that is always shining a light to lead the way, I will be here. Love you all to the moon and back.

Forever and always,


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