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Nine and a half years ago, I did the hardest work I'd ever done and was rewarded with a beautiful nine pound, two ounce baby boy. Wrinkly, red, and covered in goop, that little baby changed my life forever. He made me officially a mom. He was my first baby to live to term. And he was perfect. For two years it was just the two of us during the day. We did everything together, and he was my favorite playmate. Through the years, he has continued to be one of my favorite humans to hang out with. He's crazy smart, wickedly funny, and incredibly thoughtful. Tonight we had the opportunity to be at home, just the two of us, and it was perfect. Windows open, listening to the rain, we played a new card game. We had a chance to look into each other's eyes and talk, to laugh hysterically, and to just enjoy each other's company.

Mamas, spending quality time with your son is vital to your relationship. I'm no expert, but I believe that if we build trust and open communication with our kids when they are young, it will foster a better relationship when they are older. One way to do this is to intentionally spend time with just your son. Boys loooooove their mamas, amiright?? So, spending time together won't be a chore. I promise, you'll both enjoy it!

These do not have to be elaborate "date" type scenarios. It can be as simple as playing a game at the kitchen table! But if you're wanting to get out of the house with your boy, here are a few ideas:

Go Eat

Whatever your budget, this can be a fun event. We mix it up and go fancy sometimes...he likes dressing up and "taking mom somewhere nice." But usually it's just fast food and a treat. Nothing major, but it's a time for us to just hang out and talk.

Hit the Zoo

We have a membership, so we go and see as much or as little as we want. The Memphis Zoo offers free admission on Tuesdays for Tennessee residents. For more info and times, visit their website.

Get up and Go

I've got very athletic kids, and they keep me going. Honestly, I'd probably be a couch potato if it weren't for them. My son LOVES it when we take a bike ride...just us. We ride in our neighborhood or on the Greenline. Talking and exploring (because isn't that what every bike ride is to a little boy?) is fun for us both. Allow yourself to get caught in the rain, and you'll have a forever memory for the two of you!

Escape to the Movies

I recently took my son to see "The Greatest Showman," and oh my word, we both loved it. It has opened up so many conversations, and we've had quite a few sing-alongs with the soundtrack. Movies take you to another world and are a great opportunity to escape and just have fun together.

Surprise Him

My son loves it when I say, "Hey, put your shoes on; we're getting out of here!" Whether I'm taking him to Gibson's for a donut, to Putt-Putt for video games, or even to the grocery store, he's excited to be going with just me.

These boys of ours will be grown and gone before we know it. Let's be able to look back years from now at the memories we made with them. Let's start being more intentional about our time with our boys. Let's look into their eyes and laugh and be ridiculous and talk and maybe even cry. The memories we make will carry them through the hard times they face and will shape them for the rest of their lives.

Tell us your favorite outing ideas for moms and sons!


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