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Happy Father’s Day, Mom!

Here it is. I know you saw it coming. Another ranty post from a bitter, single mom. Insert eye-roll. So I am just going to say it. Happy Father's Day to me.

Happy Father's Day to all the mommas out there making it happen. Happy Father's Day to all the step in parents who come along and hold the dust pan while you sweet up the pieces. Because here is the thing, it takes a whole lot of everything to be two parents. And I am doing it.

happy Father's Day to single moms

I bring home the snuggles, kisses, hugs, endless listening skills, patience, AND the bread. And I don't run away when it gets hard or exhausting or mentally draining. I show up every single day. Unlike you, father of my children, who bounced the minute ish hit the fan.

You know who did show up though? My own father. Not your father- you must have learned parenting from him- but I digress. My dad showed up; well, actually he never left. He has always been there, and continues to be there, for myself and my children.

to the gandpas that show up

So Happy Father's Day to all the real dads out there. The ones who who put in the work, the love, and the prayers. Bless the fathers who wake up at night to get the baby back to sleep and the dads who clean up the throw up. I SEE YOU! You are appreciated and I am positive you are loved for the men you are and continue to be.

But to all the fathers out there who are not worth the weight of a two ounce bottle, let me say this: we didn't need you then and we are much better off without you now. So cheers to all the years I spent married to you, yet somehow was still a single mom. And let's say a toast for the day you finally walked out, because that was one less child I needed to deal with.



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