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Friday Faves
Friday Favorites by Patricia

It's Friday Y'all!

Friday Faves

There are some things in life that bring a huge smile to my face! Literally, no matter what type of day i am having, these 5 things can always cheer me up. Here are my 5 favorite mood enhancers.

Fave #1 - Grits from Hustle and Dough

grits are my favorite thing

Y’all. These grits from Hustle and Dough give me life! I’m of the sweeter grit persuasion. But these grits aren’t a bowl of sugar. They are sweetened with date maple syrup. The sweetness is balanced with flakes of sea salt. Oh, and let’s not forget the butter. It’s their signature house cultured organic butter and it’s goooood. I have tasted grits from at least 12+ restaurants in Memphis, and these grits are my absolute favorite! These grits redeemed 2020 for me! A bowl of these grits and a good book is all I need to cheer up any lackluster day.

Fave #2 - Vibrator


Ladies, let’s be real. Sometimes our significant others are too busy to do the “deed.” Maybe they’re working a lot of hours, busy folding laundry, or off running errands around the city. Whenever his “busytime” is messing up my “up time,” I reach for my B.O.B. (Battery Operated Boyfriend.)  Vibrators in general are just a favorite of mine. There’s no one particular brand that I enjoy over the other. I’m easy. 

Fave #3 - Amazon Firestick

Firestick is my favorite device

I refuse to pay for cable. Cable is extremely expensive. Some people pay $2++ per month for cable, but only watch 20 channels. That’s a waste of mula for me. So, I got the Amazon Firestick. There I can access my Netflix and Hulu subscriptions all in one place. I can also watch some free movies from Amazon Video. So my monthly tv cost is about $20. The Firestick has a lot of other cool features too. I love to watch StarTrek Discovery, Big Bang Theory, and the throwback, Girlfriends. 

Fave #4 - Boot Socks

pair of boot socks

Just like everyone else, I was excited when sweater weather season fell upon us. This season, I have decided to wear boots every single day! So I decided to invest in some boot socks. I bought 2 pairs of boot socks from Old Navy for $10. Those socks are so (insert profanity) soft! I feel like I have cashmere clouds from heaven on my feet. Best. Socks. Ever. Now, if only they came in stripes. 

Fave #5 - Ispy

Ipsy is my favorite subscription box

Everyone has a subscription box. I’m not a girly, girl, but I enjoy taking care of my skin. But walking into Sephora or Ulta can be a little intimidating. There are hundreds of different mascaras, serums, moisturizers, oils, and toners. Who knows what to use and if it will work well with your skin?! No one wants to purchase a full size of $20 cleanser only to find out that it irritates your skin. I pay $12 a month for my Ispy subscription, and it's my favorite. I absolutely LOVE IT! I get to try different cleansers, lipsticks, eye shadow, serums, you name it, for $12 a month. I even get to purchase other items to try for 60% off or more! I have been introduced to some truly amazing products. (Sweet Chef, Pistache, Murad, Cake, Glam Glow, Sacred Ritual, PureHeals, and so many more!) 

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