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Friday Faves
Friday Favorites by Colleen

It's Friday! And since it's starting to feel like summer again, I thought a "summer essentials" themed Friday Favorites would be appropriate. I can't give you any local spots or fun things to do because my only summer in Memphis was during COVID lockdowns, but here are some things that I love for summer! Disclaimer, none of these are ads for a particular product, just sharing what I have found that works best for me.

Tervis Cups

Picture of 5 insulated plastic cups

A staple item in the Perry household, these double-walled plastic tumblers are made in Venice, FL and are my favorites! They keep beverages hot or cold and you can actually put them in the DISHWASHER. When I lived in the desert and it was 100+ degrees all summer these kept my beverages cold for hours, even in a hot car. They come in a ton of designs, from sports teams to flower prints, and you can even customize them with your own images! We stopped by the factory store a couple years ago and made several in the workshop. You even get to put them together with a cool vacuum machine. If you aren't heading to Florida any time soon, you can create custom tumblers online.

Body Armor Lyte

Picture of two bottles of Body Armor Lyte favorites

Truthfully, while I was scrolling through Instagram I saw that Carrie Underwood was endorsing this, so I figured I'd give it a whirl. I had been trying different sports drinks for post-workout and also for those days where I start shaking because I've only had coffee to drink (oops). This stuff is SO GOOD. It doesn't have a ton of sugar in it, tastes great, and works.


Picture of Supergoop brand sunscreen and cc cream

I wear sunscreen every day and I've made a conscious effort to use products without the chemical sunscreens that have been linked to cancer. Thanks to a Beauty Box gift subscription, I discovered Supergoop a few years ago. They have a ton of products for adults and kids, from spray on sunscreen to eyeshadow with SPF. My current go-tos are the CC Screen and the Superscreen Daily Moisturizer. I love that they are both lightweight, and the moisturizer doesn't make my skin pasty like some other natural sunscreen lotions have.

Badger Anti-Bug Sunscreen

Picture of a tube of Badger anti bug sunscreen favorites

My daughter is allergic to insect bites, and when we moved here I discovered that she needed to wear both sunscreen and insect repellent every day in the summer. Layering the two took forever, so we tried this and it has been a lifesaver! I like that the sunscreen is mineral based and the insect repellent is a blend of essential oils, definitely two of my favorites.

Good Flip Flops

Picture of a pair of blue flip flops

Flip Flops are hands down my favorite footwear. Slip them on and go, dress them up or down, and they are so comfortable! I grew up in New England, and was definitely that person wearing flip flops as soon as the temperature hit 50 degrees. Still am.

Bonus Item :: McDreamy Air Freshener

Picture of a Derek Shepherd car air freshener favorites

Not summer related at all, but this is definitely one of my favorite things right now. I saw it on Amazon and couldn't help myself! Every time I get in my car it makes me laugh and the scent isn't overwhelming. Had to end my favorites list with this gem.


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