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Tiffany grew up in Asia for most of her life because her parents were missionaries for over 35 years. She returned to the US for college in the late 1990's. She has lived in Memphis for 19 years, 18 of which she has been married to Marco, who is originally from Honduras. They have been blessed with 3 kids: Luke (February 2003), Lilia (May 2004), and Daniel (2012). Daniel is a miracle baby, born at 29 weeks. He was diagnosed with SPD, Sensory Processing Disorder, at the age of 2 and continues to receive OT twice a week. She homeschools all 3 of them, so she doesn’t have much free time for hobbies or down time. She enjoys organizing, exercising, and watching TV when she gets the opportunity.  

No Time for Fake Friendships (Cultivating Real Friendships)
We all have an innate, built-in desire to have intimate relationships with other people. Real relationships can be messy and require a personal risk. We have to be willing to be vulnerable and transparent in order to be fully known and to fully know someone else. It also takes time and the intention to have […]
Choosing School :: A Homeschool Mom
Disclaimer: This is just one perspective on a complex issue! When my kids were younger, I thought that I would always homeschool them. You see, this is all that I knew growing up. I was homeschooled, because I was raised in another country and that was the best option for my family. However, I bought […]
There’s a Chalkboard in My Kitchen
I have always liked Chalkboards. The ability to write things and then erase and start over. (I wish I could do that in real life, when I am always second guessing myself.) When my kids were little I had thought about painting a whole wall with chalkboard paint; this was before Pinterest and all the […]
Sensory Processing Disorder in the Public Eye
My son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) at age 2. This came on the heels of being born at 29 weeks, months in the hospital, several surgeries, therapies, and developmental delays, all within those first few years. SPD, can be displayed in different ways. There is seeking and avoiding. Seekers tend to be undersensitive […]
World Prematurity Day
  On this day, where we bring awareness to premature births, I find myself full of differing emotions. Over five years ago, after a very tumultuous  pregnancy, the doctors decided to do an emergency C-section. It was a very scary time for me. I knew that delivering the baby at 29 weeks gestation brought a lot […]
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