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monday motivation
Andrea’s Monday Motivation
Hi, I’m Andrea and I’m a personal trainer at Burn Boot Camp Collierville. My husband and I have an 8 month old little girl named Raegan and a 2 year old pit bull named Flex. Both are super energetic, silly, and loving! I grew up in southern California, where I was a cheerleader and power tumbler. I cheered through college, which is where I found the motivation to continue my journey of health and fitness!

Over the next 6 months, Andrea is going to give us motivation as mothers in three specific areas. She’s going to provide positive affirmations and mantras to help us achieve good mental health. A workout will be provided, focusing on strength and agility, getting our heart rate up and helping us to feel strong. Plus, physical health doesn’t stop at exercise — it’s proper nutrition. Andrea will be providing easy (and yummy) recipes to keep us eating healthy!

monday motivation

My weight does not determine my worth.

This is a tough one for many moms to latch onto. Women are constantly being told by the media and #fitspo accounts that the only way to be happy is to be lighter and thinner. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Your weight is literally just a measurement of your gravity against the Earth, and it tells us NOTHING about who you are as a person or as a mom. Want to weigh less? Move to the moon. I’m not saying you can’t have some weight loss goals, if they make sense for you, but I AM saying that we need to stop being so hard on ourselves and stop obsessing about that number! We need to stop chasing some arbitrary number, thinking that it will instantly make us happy. I can almost guarantee that when you reach that goal, you will not magically wake up with confetti coming out of your ears. In fact, you will likely be let down by the underwhelming feeling of being exactly the same. So start setting goals that empower you, and start thanking your body in the process. I mean, moms are MAGIC. Whether you’re a size 2, 10, or 20, you do the work of angels. As long as you move your body and eat things that make you feel good, the scale will work itself out.

monday motivation

Legs & Core

Warm up:

Bird dog
Squat pulse
Heel taps

30s each x2


This workout has 4 mini sets within it. Once you’re done with a set of exercises, you’re done with them for the whole workout! Motivation to put your all into every move!

Leg sets: Do each exercise for 30s, 45s, 60s

Core sets: Do each exercise for 45s, twice through

Set 1: Legs
Half to full goblet squat
Split squat (left leg)
Split squat (right leg)

Set 2: Core
Standing oblique crunch (right side)
Standing oblique crunch (left side)

Set 3: Legs
Wall sit
Lateral lunges
Glute bridge

Set 4: Core
Dead bug
Mtn climber (*wall knee drive)
*pregnancy or DR mod

Finisher: 3 min drop set: 20 each, 15, 10, 5
Squat jack
Reverse crunch
Heel taps for remainder of time, if finished before 3 min

monday motivation

Meal Prep Made Easy

Sheet pan salmon, asparagus, & sweet potatoes

This one is so easy; I almost feel like I’m cheating by calling it a “recipe.” But I hope it provides motivation to make simple, healthy meals.


Salmon filets
Sweet potatoes (sliced or cubed)

Spray your baking sheet, then lay everything out. Lemon pepper goes great on the salmon and the asparagus, and I love using apple or pumpkin pie seasoning and some sea salt on the sweet potatoes.

Bake on 350 for 30 minutes and done!

Thanks for checking me out this month! If you do the workout or make the recipe, be sure to tag me on Instagram @memfitdre

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