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I Think I’m A Good Parent

I think I'm doing a good job at this parenting thing. I don't like to toot my own horn because, well, what if after I say all these good things about my kids they decide to rob a bank or something?! Just kidding, they don't even know how to drive yet.

So I attended a parent-teacher conference, and I was overwhelmed with pride to hear my boys' teachers tell me what a great job I'm doing. Now to be perfectly honest, I'm not as much surprised by my oldest being a nice person, because that's just who he is. He has such a great heart. We ran into teachers that don't even have him in their class, and they told me how nice and polite he is. The librarian told me that he was a breath of fresh air to her day. I even got to meet his nerdy group of friends. I like this group of young men. I think I'm doing a good job at this parenting thing.

Now to hear positive things about my youngest....yep that was a pleasant surprise. The child that they described was not the child that I get at home. He's talkative, helpful, and friendly. He's a joy to have in class. His science teacher says that she loves his brain. He has a healthy competition with one of his friends, and his teachers are glad that they are friends because it makes them work hard. I think I'm doing a good job at this parenting thing.

When my boys were younger I didn't always hear such positive things from teachers, so to be able to hear it now makes this momma's heart happy.

So, YES, I'm going to take this moment and say-- I AM A GOOD PARENT.

I have put in the hard work, I have shed many a tear many nights. Since becoming a single parent I have felt guilty about trying to do it all and not being able to, but NO MORE. No more doubts, no more second guessing. Just accepting that, yes, I am doing a good job at this parenting thing.


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