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New Regions Bank Germantown Location Offers Convenience and More
At Memphis Moms Blog, we strive to always be transparent with our readers. As such, we think it's only fair to let you know that MMB received compensation for this post. However, that doesn't change the awesome reality that Regions Bank is completely changing the banking experience as we know it, and we are so excited to fill you in on the details!!

Let's face it moms, we are busy, all over the place, and we don't have a lot of time in the day to check things off of our ever-growing to-do list. By the time we get everyone dressed and out the door, we are hoping for that rest that we never seem to get. Additionally, having a family is expensive. We are always looking for ways to save money while keeping up with our busy lifestyles. Saving money while enjoying the conveniences that make on-the-go motherhood feel easy have never really gone hand-in-hand, though. Until now...

Regions Bank has opened a new branch in Germantown! They've always offered their customers a great experience, but this new Germantown Greenline Branch is a total game changer. This new location features innovative technology, a modern layout, and a much larger access to personal service than any other bank you have been to.

This is huge, Mama!

These new services are perfect for us: the weary, busy, bleary-eyed moms, who have to keep their financial affairs in order. Have you ever been discouraged when you walk into your bank and no one greets you? You head right to the long teller line and shuffle through, burning precious minutes in your busy schedule, praying that they have the right flavor Dum-Dum in the basket so maybe your children can contain themselves long enough for you to get in and out without incident. These aren’t even problems at the new Regions Bank Germantown Greenline Branch! Instead of a traditional teller line, you will be welcomed by one of the friendly and helpful Regions Universal Bankers. These Universal Bankers will help you with all of your branch-banking needs. Need to cash a check, make a deposit, or open a checking or savings account? They’ve got you. They can even help you plan your long-term financial goals right on the spot. You won’t be passed from person to person for each thing you need to do–all the Universal Bankers are cross-trained in all areas of banking!

This new branch also features Regions Video Teller Machines. Yes, you read that correctly. Video. Teller. Machines. These modern wonders help connect customers with a Regions Video Banker via a live two-way video. Along with processing most of your typical teller transaction needs, Video Bankers can actually help with account maintenance and general questions. The best part about this convenient service is that they are available during extended banking hours. You can do business with the Video Bankers Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM until 8:00 PM on Saturdays from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Sundays from 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  How is that for exceptional convenience? No more bursting through the glass doors right at closing time!

If that isn't enough to have you stopping by the new branch, customers have access to a DepositSmart ATM. This allows customers to deposit checks or cash them any time, day or night. The DepositSmart ATM is located in a vestibule that is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. That means when your newborn likes to party in the middle of the night and car rides might do the trick, you can make your deposits or cash those checks while the rest of the world sleeps.

The new awesome technology doesn't stop there, though. What about safety deposit boxes? They're really a necessity. Storing birth certificates, passports, family heirlooms, jewelry, and other items that simply need a safe spot are something every family needs. With Regions facial recognition and fingerprint technology, you can have peace of mind that not only are your important items safe and secure, but you don't have to remember where you put the little key in the pink envelope that never seems to be in the place you swore you put it last. This system shows the finest in enhanced security technologies while making your trip to access your safety deposit box easy and efficient.

Whether you are looking for a new account, a plan for saving money (college savings, anyone?!), a safety deposit box, or a new financial institution to meet your family's growing financial needs, the Regions Bank Germantown Greenline team will meet your every need. With these new and cutting edge features and technology, you will find Regions to be the convenience you need in your daily life, along with a plan and method tailored specifically to your busy life's needs.

If you are looking to save money and time (who isn't?!), look no further!

The brand spankin' new Regions Bank Germantown Greenline Branch is located at 1284 Germantown Road, in Germantown. They opened on April 11, so they're already there and waiting for you to go in and experience their new technology and the convenience of banking with Regions Bank!

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