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Jazzercise is My Jam

So - when you read the word JAZZERCISE - what comes to mind? If you are thinking 1980s, leg warmers, leotards, and Richard Simmons - you aren't the only one. However - Jazzercise is nothing like that anymore. It is fun, fresh, and current - both in music selections and exercise goals. It is my favorite way to burn calories each week, and I don't think I would exercise if it weren't for this class. I hate running, treadmills, stationary bikes. I don't like to exercise outside when it is too cold or too hot. At Jazzercise, I get a complete body workout in 60 minutes that's enjoyable, challenging, and stress-relieving. If you like to dance, this type of exercise might also become your new favorite!

Here are 10 reasons I love Jazzercise...

  1. The class and the routines are constantly changing, which is great for your mind and your body. This also provides variety and keeps you engaged.
  2. The routines are easy to follow and are repetitive. If you can count to 8, then you can Jazzercise. The instructor calls out the moves ahead of time, so you know what is coming next.
  3. It brings me back to my high school days as a cheerleader and makes me forget I'm really 36!
  4. The music is current, and sometimes I will hear a song in a routine before it is even on the radio! And if you don't like a song... a new one will be on in 3 to 4 minutes.
  5. All of the exercise necessities are there... mats, weights, exercise balls, and tubes. You just need to bring yourself and some water.
  6. Not only do you get to check off your cardio exercise, but you also get to check off stretching and strength training. You will work every major muscle group every class.
  7. Each class women of all ages... it is so inspiring to see older women still working out and staying healthy. There are also numerous classes to choose from each week - so there is always a good time for anyone.
  8. Since there is a mix of ages, the instructors are great at explaining how to make each workout best for you and your fitness level.
  9. You get great tips on where to find the cutest workout clothes!
  10. Lastly, I leave feeling better about myself each time and I always look forward to the next class.

I am coming up on my thirteenth anniversary of "jazzercising" and don't plan to stop anytime soon. People may laugh when I talk about it, but I am proud to say that I love it.

I can't imagine loving any other type of exercise more than this one. It is my jam.




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