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Friday Faves
Friday Favorites by Vivian

It's Friday! Yay! The end of the week is the perfect day for a favorites list. I have been thinking about this favorites list for a while and have been deciding which things will make the list this time. There are so many awesome new products, places, and services coming at you on a daily basis. But I've made my selection, so here you go! The common theme of them: they're all pretty "natural"!

Sugar Ghost Ice Cream and Bubble Tea

This has become my family's weekly go-to. They have awesome milk and fruit teas! The watermelon or the honeydew milk tea with boba are my top favorites! Right now they are only open as a food truck on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 12-4, but soon they will open up a permanent shop on Broad Avenue, and you will be able to get your bubble teas any time of the week! Fun fact: You can even order a vegan version of most of their teas.

Sugar Ghost
I love Sugar Ghost's watermelon boba tea

Essential Oils

Get rid of the synthetic fragrances! If you didn't already know this, synthetic fragrances mess with your hormonal balance. Therefore, I switched to essential oils only. No more fragranced candles, fragrances on my skin, or any other synthetics in cleaners, etc. I have been into essential oils for a while now. I even used them in labor & delivery! And it was absolutely a MUST. Essential oils have so many benefits. So not only are they safe, they are also beneficial! I specifically use Doterra essential oils, because they come straight from the source, right in the country where it gets harvested, and you can use them aromatically, topically, and internally. Research your oils; don't just use any essential oil, because some can still contain harmful ingredients. My favorites to use are lemon, lavender, and peppermint.

I love Doterra's lemon, peppermint and lavender oil

Vibe Foods Superfood Bar

A new health-food restaurant right in the heart of Memphis? Yes please! Located on Poplar, close to the Central Library, this is my absolute favorite for a healthy fix. They create everything with fresh ingredients and you can dine in a modern atmosphere (the inside is pretty!). I recommend the Island Berry bowl!

Vibes Superfood Bar
I love Vibes' Island Berry Bowl

Gloss Nail Bar

I love this place for getting my nails done! They have 3 locations: one in East Memphis, one at Crosstown, and one on the Highland Strip. I have been to all three locations and their service is excellent! It doesn't matter where you go, all three of these places are amazing.This has been the only nail salon I've been in where it doesn't smell like chemicals and/or acetone. They have a special ventilation system that helps filter the air, and this is an absolute must for me, and it was especially beneficial during my pregnancy! I love the Gloss Pedicure. It is a bit more fancy than your standard essential pedicure, and includes hot stones and wax for your feet!

Gloss Nail Bar
My husband and I loved a pedicure at Gloss Nail Bar

Buff City Soaps

Bath bombs, shower fizzies, bar soaps, hand soap, shaving soap, laundry detergent; you name it, Buff City Soap has it! They have the best scents, all free of harsh chemicals. Everything is cruelty-free, free of animal fats, plant-based, and handmade daily. They have 9 locations in the Memphis area. My absolute favorite scent is Goodmorning Sunshine. Plus, I am not the only writer who loves their soaps!

Buff City Soap
My Buff City Soap favorite is Goodmorning Sunshine

So the next time you are looking for something new, enjoy a sweet drink, a natural scent, a healthy bowl, a pampering session, or a fancy soap. Give these favorites a try! I can't wait to see what you think.

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