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Kela Birthing at home
Black Women Need Black Doulas

Black women need black doulas.

Doulas may be a luxury for some, but in today's's a necessity. The black mothers' mortality rate needs to come down as soon as possible. In recent years, there has been an immense amount of studies showing the significance around black doulas being present for black birthing mothers.

Am I saying any other race do not benefit from doulas? No. I am just saying that facts don't lie, and statistics show that black mamas need black doulas!

Black Women Need Doulas

Mothers birthing in today's climate are scared about birthing in a pandemic, birthing in a (hospital) system where many had previously experienced great harm, and scared of the harsh reality that our black husbands won't return home one day.

This is a lot to be stressed about as a black birthing mother in America, and doulas help bridge this gap. Black mother's mortality rate has changed for the better in the last few years because of doulas! As a practicing doula and black mother, I have seen and experienced the stress of all the things mentioned above. I also want to apologize, but not apologize, if hearing black constantly is making you cringe, because it needs to make you cringe. In a good way. That means you are recognizing or you understand the urgency behind this post! But anyways, let's jump to the facts!

I want to provide you with a few facts as to why black mothers need doulas:

  1. Black women in America are 3-4 times more likely to die because of pregnancy related issues.
  2. Black babies in America have more than DOUBLED the infant mortality rate of white babies.
  3. Doulas being in attendance at the births of black mothers have shown to help improve health outcomes and lessen the need for interventions.
  4. Black mothers are more likely initiate and continue breastfeeding because of the attendance of a doula.
  5. The attendance of a doula during pregnancy are less likely to have mothers who give birth to low weight babies.

These are just a few, and any other doulas reading this can attest to this. A lot of hospitals today practice fear-based evidence instead of evidence based evidence when having black mothers as patients. There is so much history on why this is and I would encourage you to research more on your own.

For example, I had a client back who was experiencing a lot of swelling. I kept telling her that she should go get her blood pressure checked, because I was really sensing preeclampsia. She insisted that it was already checked and that her provider wasn't concerned. Well, this concerned me because this happens too often. Hospitals are chronically known for dismissing medical issues like these in regards to black women. Anyways, she goes to her provider a few days later, they dismiss her swelling by saying, "Her blood pressure could be high for a number of reasons," and so on. Well, she goes home and ends up in the emergency room the same night needing an emergency C-Section. My guess would be that, if they were vigilant about keeping her and LISTENING TO HER, she wouldn't have had a preemie. This is why BLACK WOMEN NEED DOULAS. We help mothers advocate for themselves and get better {more like superb} maternity care!

Doulas are so crucial for maternal health. We provide education, support, encouragement, empowerment, and more! I want to add that whether you are a black mother or not, and are giving birth during this pandemic them you should do as much research as you can to know what to expect.

Kela Birthing at home with a black doula
me, birthing at home with a black doula

Again, Doulas are so crucial for maternal health.

Am I writing this post to say that just because a mom has a black doula with her that her outcome in the end will be great? Not necessarily. But what I am saying is that there is something so comforting to see someone like you when you are birthing in a system where no one looks like you. Harsh? Maybe. But it is often the truth.

So, how can you help? Gift a black mom friend you know with a black doula. Seriously it is that simple. There are many more ways, but this is by far the most simple one!

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