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Wonder:: Talking to your Kids about Difference

Last month, thanks to my kids’ school, I participated in a very interesting event. We were invited, adults and kids (1st to 8th grade), for an advanced screening of the movie “Wonder,” followed by a discussion organized by Facing History and Ourselves. Even though I decided at that time not to bring my oldest (7 years old), I realized that I needed to read the book/watch the movie with him and then duplicate the discussion we had that night with Facing History and Ourselves. The kids were so active in the discussion with sincere answers and good ideas. They were the ones picking up the microphone to share their thoughts. I couldn’t be prouder to experience it.  

I totally recommend reading the book and watching the movie with your lower and middle schoolers. "Wonder" is about appearances and being judged. It is about the need to belong and the fear of difference. It is an unique book thanks to its accessibility to all sorts of readers, and it pulls in themes that are relatable to almost everyone. You will relate to one or more characters. You will be surprise by the reaction of some characters. You will wonder about some choices you made in relations to others. It will teach your kids that young people can take a stand.

I always try to teach my kids how important it is to stand up for others and how their actions have an impact. This story is a perfect tool to show that to them.

I invite you to read the story/watch the movie with your kiddos and then, thanks to the Facing History and Ourselves, we have a tool to have a powerful discussion with your kids. 



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