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Disney power couples
Which Disney Power Couple are You and Your Boo?

Disney power couples have been defining #relationshipgoals for all of time. Revving up for Valentine’s Day, let’s get in the mood by slipping out of our Rothy’s and into a pair of glass slippers. From the select Disney couples listed below (there were over 70 to choose from) which Disney Duo depicts you and your boo?

Disney power couples

My hubs and I are totally #2. Oh how I wish we were #5…

  1. Mini and Mickey Mouse: Built on a solid foundation, having been together for so long, people forget either of you were once your own person. At this point, you actually look a lot alike. You have the occasional tiff that predictably ends by hugging it out by time you go to bed. As vanilla as any relationship can be, your friends watch the two of you together and seethe with envy.
  2. Cinderella and Prince Charming: He was so over dating girls who tried too hard, were riddled with family drama, and/or could not keep their pedicures perfected. You were fed up with the smell of your fairy Godmother’s perfume, kissing rodents, and sweeping empty rooms. Your relationship erupted thanks to a serendipitous meeting and perfect timing. Both of you were eager to find your lobster. The result has been mostly happily ever after.
  3. Jasmine and Aladdin: Sheltered from the real world due to overbearing parents who wanted the best for their princess, daddy issues lead you right into your bad boy’s arms. Your man stole your heart with his passion, adventure, and wild streak. As he shows you the world, the two of you soar to unimaginable heights, wonder by wonder. So what if he may have a bit of a criminal record (and a kid [monkey] of his own)? Let’s face it, you have no policy requiring your man to wear shoes and/or shirts. 
  4. Ariel and Prince Eric: You two make a cute couple (everyone on Instagram agrees). Early on, the struggle to get past #friendzone was real. You tried everything (cosmetic surgery, musical performances, the silent treatment) to get his attention. Right when you started to give up on your platonic friend, all the things snapped into place. His dog fell in love with you, and your relationship status escalated quickly. You two are now living happily ever after as you micromanage him through life. #loveprevails
  5. Celia and Mike – Monster’s inc.: Despite the fact that you're grown adults in a real, functioning relationship, you two make-out like teens in the back row of the movie theater. You can’t keep your hands off one another. As Schmoopsie-poo and Googley Bear, you two don’t care who sees (or hears) all of your love languages. You’ve been told to “get a room” once or twice over the years and you don’t give a flip… #donthateuscauseyouaintus
  6. Miss Piggy and Kermit: Breaking up and making up is your forte. You’ve got more drama than the royal family. This is just how you two do you. The good times equates to hot steamy romance. The bad times result in clothes on the front lawn, divorce lawyers and five-0. At the end of the day, the two of you always end up back in one anothers arms.
  7. Belle and Beast: After years of living in extremely close proximities with no love for one another, the unthinkable happened, and tides began to turn. Raging hormones got the best of you two and all that loathing lead to big beasty love. What can you say? You’re a sucker for big burly dudes, roses, and fancy gifts…
  8. Bo Peep and Woody: More than lovers, the two of you are best friends. You know everything there is to know about one another. And while you’ve been pals for as long as you can remember, there’s no denying that there’s always been an attraction. Spoiler alert: there was nothing platonic about that bath your parents forced you two to take together as “kids”. 
  9. Jessica and Roger Rabbit: Physically you’re at odds. He can't stand up to your beautiful physique; but it’s on the inside that what matters, right? He’s your "funny-bunny" - confident, savvy and successful to boot. And what he lacks physically, he, eh-um, makes up in for other ways. He recognizes your beauty in ways no other man has and reminds you of this on the reg. Only the two of you know the secret to your sauce. #forgetthehaters
  10. Elsa: Relationship Status: Single and happy. (And, let's be honest the most bad a of all the Disney princesses.) You rule your life without having to rely on anyone. You and you alone create your own happiness. Your talent, hard work, and intelligence have lead to the success of the empire you’ve built. Your strong, loving bonds with your family and friends fill your heart to content.

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