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15 Ways We’ve Sucked As Moms This Week

Today, we're doing something that we feel is necessary. It's necessary, and cathartic, really. Today, the Memphis Moms Blog team is going to confession. But not with a priest, nor in a church, and there won't be any Hail Marys said. This is strictly a just-between-moms sort of confession. Why? Because we aren't perfect. None of us are.

Being Mom sucks sometimes. When the tantrums are never-ending, and the rules just can't be followed despite all our pleading and bribing, it sucks. And we suck at being Mom sometimes.

But you know what? It's fine. Our kids are fine. We all go through it. With the highs come the lows. Someday, we'll look back and just roll our eyes.

So let's share, shall we?



15 Ways We've Sucked As Moms This Week

1. "At a play date with a school friend, my son pointed to a word and announced to his friend 'hey, that word says #$@%!' That's not how you get moms to agree to more play dates."

2. "My child ate Spaghetti-O's and Cheetos for dinner last night. Don't judge me."

3. "I keep forgetting to do laundry (ok--I don't want to do laundry), so my daughter has worn the same sleeper three nights in a row."

4. "My daughter: 'You haven't yelled at me all week. Matter of fact, you haven't been yelling at me at all this year... Well not as much as last year anyway... You must've forgotten how to yell!' Excuse me?!"

5. "I always make meals to leave in the fridge for my family when I am out of town. This trip, one of the meals I left was a Tupperware filled with six PB&J sandwiches. Another was a frozen pizza."

6. "Two nights ago, I put my daughter in a sink bath just so I could have 15 minutes of a happy content toddler, and time to play on my phone."

7. "I only brush my kids' teeth, like, every other day. I freakin' hate it. Since they're so little I have to do it. Ain't nobody got time for that!"

He wanted fruit snacks.

8. "Dinner Monday was popcorn and smoothies. Because Dancing with the Stars."

9. "My son has eaten Easy Mac every single day this week for lunch. He had it for both lunch and dinner one day. #momfail"

10. "I told my daughter if she didn't wear her smocked dress to her Easter program she would lose her screen time for the rest of the weekend!"

11. "Grandpa spilled his wine at the dinner table and soaked my daughter's graham cracker. It came down to taking away a graham cracker and inducing a fit, or letting her eat a wine-soaked Graham cracker. Let's say she slept well that night."

12. "I sent my oldest to school wearing the same uniform pants 2 days in a row cause I didn't feel like doing another load of laundry. I sprayed them with Febreeze, tumbled them in the dryer and pressed them a little. Whatever. He smelled fresh enough."

This is fingernail polish and it was all down the hall of my house. I had to use straight acetone to get it off.

13. "My girl has watched way more TV than I'm comfortable with, but sometimes I just need one more Barney episode so I can finish what I'm doing."

14. "The only fruit my kids have had are from fruit snacks and as far as veggies, the vegetable oil used to fry their McDonald's fries today for lunch."

15. "We are going out of town and I didn't want to have a bunch of milk left in the fridge, so I bought a half-gallon this week. It only lasted about a day since I didn't take into account Spring Break, so my family has been living off of Yoo Hoo for 3 days now."

Mom's mascara.

We aren't too proud to admit these faults of ours. Sometimes admitting our defeats (and even laughing at them) is the best way to move on. I guarantee you a lot of these faults will probably come back up next week, but you know what? This is the Motherhood Game, and we're all just thankful to be making it out with some semblance of sanity and somewhat "normal" kids.

Thank goodness it's Friday. There's always next week, right?!



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