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True Confessions of a Planner Addict

I have a confession: I am a planner addict.

There, I said it.

Confessing is the first step to .... well, I don't want to change...

Honestly, I have no idea how my life functioned without a planner. Or 6.

To be fair, I didn't always have 6 planners. At first, I just had a regular planner for everything. Later, a teacher lesson planner and a personal planner.

Then I discovered bullet journaling for budgeting. 

Bullet journaling is writing or drawing all of your planner things into blank books. You basically create your own planner just the way you like it.

It's addictive. And amazing.

Bullet Journal


You can use any type of journal you like for bullet journaling. My own journey to try bullet journaling started with the yellow Leuchtturm 1917. Their journals offer paper options that come with dots or grids. I decided to embrace a new way of budgeting and tracking in January 2017. Perfect time, too. We had soo many bills from 2016. AND I really wanted to get out of debt!

Then, I needed a new lesson planner. No big deal; ordered from Erin Condren (click on it...get $10 off... I dare you). It's my teacher splurge. And it is worth EVERY penny. If you're new to all of this, Erin Condren is a big name in the planner world. You can see why in tomorrow's post which will be a review of some of the most popular planners. Make sure to come back and check it out!

Next, there were stickers. Then, there were pens. Next, sticker bundles.  And, then, more pens! 

And then it happened... I discovered that there were GIANT sticker sales. (Everything is better with a sale right??)

I have two mini three-ring binders. They are full of some of my favorite stickers and it makes planning so much more fun!

To be fair, I have been an Erin Condren girl for years; you can see my current planner to the left. I admired her stuff for a long time and then, after a tough winter, I bought one for myself and one for a friend. This was the beginning of my need for a #planneraddict support group. I discovered something else on Instagram. There were others out there like me! #planneraddicts who are also #stickeraddicts. It grew enough that I have an entire IG feed dedicated to planning. Feel free to find me, @alwaysthinkbigger_rbk. Now, I get really excited when friends tell me they're into planners, or when I make new friends because of planners! Let's be friends!!

Today, I am full in. Stickers? Check. Planners? Check. Extra Stuff? CHECK! Stencils for bullet journaling and working on Hand Lettering to make my bullet journaling look better have been the latest addition. (It's my #100dayproject. That's another post I'll do...)

I am, officially, an addict. One day I want to go to PlannerCon. I haven't made it to the tote bag full of planner supplies or the raksgog cart from IKEA of supplies, but I can see it being in my future...

 So, who wants to meet up?!


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