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Top Ten Posts :: 2020

2020 is FINALLY (thankfully) coming to an end. So to reflect back on the year that was 2020, we thought we'd share again our top 10 most read posts. From {literally} sexy gifts to odes to Cocomelon to reflections from quarantine, this list has a little something for everyone!

top 10 posts

10. The Ones Who Knew Me Before

"We kept saying over and over how amazing it was to be by ourselves to hang out and how we can’t believe Spring Break 2000 was the last time we were at the beach together. We have texted about it since, trying to put our finger on what made is so special.  

I think it’s because they knew me before; they knew me as just me.  I’m not someone’s wife or mom or teacher to them; we knew each other when it was just us and we know things no one else ever will.  There is something very sacred about that. 

Then one day when we were eating lunch on the pool deck, someone said, “I hope our kids have friends like this.” And we all agreed.  Not just friends; friends like THIS."

9. 12 Common Southern Mom Problems

"Truly, Southern people are a different breed. I can say that because I am indeed Southern—whereas if someone else said it about me, we might have a problem (which, of course, is a Southern reaction). And Southern moms (yep, also one of those) are a sight to behold. They are super-sweet and loving; they fierce and loyal; and they are friggin’ hilarious.

To get a glimpse into the fabulous and enigmatic world of Southern motherhood, please peruse this list of a dozen of the most common dilemmas Southern moms face."

8. Toddler Mom Productivity in the Time of Covid-19

"Toddlers are big enough that you can’t just put them in an exersaucer or on the floor and get a few things done while they happily babble. Toddlers are also small enough that they don’t have school assignments to keep them busy or the independence to entertain themselves (for more than a few minutes). You, Toddler Mom, might feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place during this “stay at home” order. I have been feeling that way myself some days, but I learned a productivity hack before this recent lifestyle change, and I have been pushing myself to implement it now more than ever.

It’s called the ABCDE method."

7. Dearest Cocomelon :: A Thank You Note from a Tired Mom

"Dearest Cocomelon (formerly ABCtv),

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Where do I begin?

Sometime in the blur of the last two years of my first daughter’s life, my husband went to YouTube in search of something not terrible to show her on tv. He stumbled upon one of your 34-to-37-minute masterpieces, and we have been devoted fans ever since. “Coco,” as my daughter calls you, pointing to the screen with a pleading look on her face, is our go-to day or night. You have an ability to hold her attention like no other show can — we call it the “Cocomelon coma” — which, as every time- and sleep-deprived mom knows, is pure gold."

6. 10 Parenting Tricks That Actually Work

"Parenting is hard. And anyone who tells you differently, is either lying or doesn’t have kids! Having 4 kids myself, including a set of twins, I’m always happy to share any tricks that I have learned along the way.

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Join a gym with childcare. It was a lifesaver after I had the twins! Sure there was baby weight to lose, but the real reason I joined was that I got two full hours of no one calling my name. I would slow walk on the treadmill, watch The Hills reruns, and play Candy Crush. Some days I just sat and read a magazine. I “worked out” on the upper deck where all the elderly people congregated. There was no loud music blaring, it was nice and warm, and I never felt self-conscious about my postpartum body. Plus, it was always somebody’s birthday or anniversary so there was plenty of post-workout cake!

5. I Didn’t Understand

"As a white female raised in Southern Virginia, born to parents who lived through the integration of schools, I grew up in a segregated community. Sure, schools were integrated, but life wasn’t. My Black friends didn’t come to my sleepovers. We didn’t go to church together. And I certainly wasn’t supposed to grow up and marry a Black man. But I did. And I was warned that having an interracial relationship would be hard. And I was warned that having non-white children would be hard. But I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand how hard it would be, and I didn’t understand why it would be hard."

4. Dear Husbands :: Please Learn How to Take a Flattering Photo of Your Wife

"Like a lot of modern couples, my dear, sweet husband and I have a major recurring issue plaguing our marriage:

The man CANNOT take a flattering photo of me to save his life.

Now, selfies? He’s a master. He’s a good seven inches taller than I am, so he almost always gets the angle right when we’re scooched in close and both looking up at the camera. (Aka, no double-chins! *insert praise hands*)

But when it comes to taking a candid or posed shot of me with the front-facing camera from a distance, this is where he could use a LOT of help. It could be a solo shot of me, a group picture of me and my friends or family, a photo of me with our toddler, or an artsy picture of me in a scenic location. They almost always end up in the deleted folder of my camera roll."

3. I Won’t Homeschool During the Quarantine and Here’s Why

"Here is what has been oddly comforting to me—it’s always in this place, in discomfort and in my weaknesses, that I dig deep and find out what I’m really made of. After all, that’s what this whole parenting journey has been from the beginning, right–me not having a clue, and being given grace with every single step?

In the end, when we look back on this quarantine no one will remember how many workbook pages you got through or how many books were read. We’ll remember that we were given what we’ve always been asking for more of – TIME. Hours upon hours of more time with the people that matter most to us; what a blessing. Don’t waste it or wish it away, because one day I believe we will look back on these weeks with a peculiar fondness and know that in the end, it was all a gift."

2. Influencers and their Dirty Little Secrets; The Life of Lies Behind the Filters

"The announcement of Rachel and Dave Hollis’s divorce has been nearly breaking the internet. With close to 2 million followers, it’s not surprising that influencer/author/speaker Rachel Hollis has more than her fair share of people giving their opinions on her personal life.

Then there was the anger. Folks that have been listening to Rachel and Dave’s podcast and buying tickets to marriage seminars were up in arms. Comments like, “If you have been struggling, then why have you been giving advice for years? That is so disappointing.”

Also, one of my personal favorites: “Sad. I can’t believe a brand that is based in a lie. Praying for their kids.”

I have a lot of questions for the folks out there hurling accusations at these influencers."

1. Is Vagina a Good Father’s Day Gift….or No????

"So I started thinking, what gets my husband really excited? What is something he would really appreciate? What could make him say, “Thanks, baby. That was amazing!”? And honestly, the only thing that came to my mind was sex.

Anytime I mention “riding the pony”, my husband gets really excited and it shows. It doesn’t matter if we just made whoopee less than 24 hours ago. He is always appreciative during and after a good rump. He will literally say “Yes” to anything and everything. If moans of yes aren’t signs of appreciation, then I don’t know what is."

Honorable Mention (mainly because it's so dang funny): Why I Will Never Go To Ikea Again

"My hopes and dreams of this new minimalist nursery came to an abrupt halt. Of course, at eight months pregnant, having to pee is not something surprising. However, what is surprising is the fact that a two hundred and seventy THOUSAND square foot warehouse has only one set of bathrooms and guess where they are located? That’s right. At the very FRONT of the store. (Insert creative curse words here.)"

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