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Top 10 {Holiday} Toys and Gifts for Teen Girls

Editors Note: There are many research-based articles on the pros and cons of gender-specific toys, a topic that many parents are passionate about. In our toy series with our partner Wicked Uncle, we will be highlighting a specific age and gender. Our sister sites in other parts of the country will be doing the same, with a collective goal to provide a comprehensive list of quality toy choices based on developmental milestones. You will find as you look through the lists that our top choices are great for any gender. We encourage play and imagination at any age!


Teen girls are amazing creatures. One minute they are happy and sweet and the next there's a door slamming in the house somewhere. And their interests vary week to week as much as their infamous mood swings. But know what I found doesn't change? The brilliant selection of gift ideas for teen girls by the company Wicked Uncle!

I'm not a normal mom, I'm a cool mom -- for finding these Top 10 toy and gift ideas for teen girls:

  1. Sing Along Pro; Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone
  2. 100 Things To Do Scratch Off Bucket List
  3. The Anywhere Light--Strike a Pose
  4. HD Action Camera + Waterproof Case
  5. Smart Ass -- Think Fast, Talk First!
  6. Go Flamingo -- Six Odd Socks
  7. Jellyfish Lamp
  8. Sunny Days Collection -- Sunshine and Glitter
  9. Bluetooth Headphones
  10. Magic Sequin Velvet Duffel Bag


  1. Sing Along Pro; Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone
    Move over Billie Eilish, your teen will feel like the next pop star with this karaoke microphone. Your daughter and their friends will likely spend hours belting out their favorite songs (and maybe even coming up with their own band name)! Better clear out your garage now for all the concerts coming your way.wicked uncle
  2. 100 Things To Do Scratch Off Bucket List
    Does your teen live for new experiences? Already talking about moving off to college? This scratch off lists life experiences, from swimming in a waterfall to learning sign language, whale watching and scuba diving. Super FUN!wicked uncle
  3. The Anywhere Light -- Strike A Pose!
    Perfect for stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, birthday gifts, and more, this fun light is perfect for late night reading! This light will grip, grab, hook, hang, cling, and clasp literally anywhere!wicked uncle
  4. HD Action Camera +Waterproof Case
    Does your teen girl love photography? Obsessed with her Instagram account? Then this camera is a must-have. The waterproof case ensures full HD video and 120 degree wide angle shot capability. Included in the box, you'll find the various mounts, velcro straps, USB cable and microflash card.wicked uncle
  5. Smart Ass -- Think Fast, Talk First!
    Well, it goes without saying teens think they know everything. Here's your chance to have them prove it! This fast-paced fun game has over 400 question cards based on What am I? Where am I? and Who am I? From film stars to political figures, each card has several clues. But think fast because your teen must guess first to win - and you can only guess once to prove you're a Smart Ass. Maybe mom will win after all....wicked uncle
  6. Go Flamingo -- Six Odd Socks
    My teen is obsessed with flamingos! So I saw these socks and boom! Birthday gift done.wicked uncle
  7. Jellyfish Lamp
    This lamp reflects a teen's mood -- EVERY CHANGING. Jokes aside, this night light is really awesome. Battery operated, the little jelly fish look like they "swim" around the tank. Colored lights turn on and off, making the entire thing like a modern day lava lamp.wicked uncle
  8. Sunny Days Collection -- Sunshine & Glitter
    Teen girls may or may not be into skin care. But even if they aren't, you can't go wrong with this set. Included is a 50 SPF berry flavored lip balm, a 50 SPF cake scented suncreen, and a tube of soothing after-sun aloe gel -- all perfect for a busy day out and about. Items contain biodegradable glitter for a little extra shine.wicked uncle
  9. Bluetooth Headphones
    Add some bling to your teen's life with these lightweight and comfortable folding wireless headphones. Connects with any bluetooth enabled device and also sends or receives hands-free calls. This way your teen can avoid listening to your preferred radio station in the car AND she won't miss any important calls from her friends.wicked uncle
  10. Magic Sequin Velvet Duffel Bag
    This is one beautiful bag. With varying hues of deep purple, pink, and black velvet, simply have your teen run her hand along the sparkly sequins to create new patterns or shades. This 20" duffel is perfect for sleepovers, keeping up with athletic clothes for after-school sports, or simply for traveling on fun vacations.wicked uncle

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