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These Job Opps Don’t Come Around Every Day

On this sunny spring afternoon, I’ve taken my RedRover MacBook to the park outside our agency’s beautiful downtown high-rise office building overlooking the Mississippi River, and I’ve settled in on a green blanket to write this.

RedRover is located on the 3rd floor of the historic Falls Building downtown.

My mission with this post is to convince you why you should take a look at us for two rewarding part-time positions we have open.

I can give you five reasons.

But first, let me properly introduce myself. My name is Kitty Taylor and I’m the vice president of RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy, a 13-year-old, woman-owned Memphis marketing agency.

The RoverCart is a great way to get around downtown.

Talent recruitment is one of the “hats” I wear and, well, it’s one of my favorites. In my 5+ years at the agency, I’ve worn a lot of hats. Few allow me to so closely connect our agency culture with people who are seeking out truly distinctive work opportunities.

The two part-time, flexible-schedule positions are on our growth team. One is dedicated to implementing a lead-generation marketing plan, and the other emphasizes proposal writing and keeping the growth effort organized.

As you read on, and if this sounds like a growth team you want to be a part of, complete with the freedom to set your own schedule and work from home, then please contact me as soon as possible by email so we can chat about your experience. You can also visit our Careers portal to learn more about our agency and start the application process.

RedRover's "Make Your Mark" chalk wall - every visitor signs it!

Now, back to why you should take a look. The reasons happen to be the same as our five agency Core Values, and I’ve described them below.

Meaningful Core Values

  1.  As a mom, you know the importance of remaining optimistic and resilient even when the pack faces challenges. At RedRover, we strive to bring the same degree of calm and confidence to our workplace.
  2. Agents of Change. You know it all too well. Sometimes it takes a little pushing, sometimes it takes a little prodding, and it’s not just for kids and husbands. When our work calls for leading others through a new action plan or in a new direction, we step up.
  3. Incurable Need for Results. Isn’t it great when you’ve analyzed a situation, deliberated ideas both good and bad, charted the right course, and then nailed the win? Yeah, that’s us. Every day. If you love to stretch both sides of your brain, you’ll probably enjoy it here.
  4. The Team Win Before the Self Win. The greater good drives us in our work. Every single person is uniquely important and every task is part of our common cause as an agency. We’re stronger collectively – with our myriad of past work experiences and our diverse personalities.
  5. Accountable and Self-Disciplined. We promise to not push your boundaries until you’re ready to scream, drink, hide, or all of the above. Instead, our commitment to ourselves and each other is to earn trust by working hard to achieve mutual understanding of responsibilities and expectations, and to come through. Every time.

Does this sound like you? Then we look forward to hearing from you!

Catherine (Kitty) Taylor, Vice President, RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy

RedRover Director of Business Development Rachel Carpenter and her pup, Belle.

RedRover VP and artist Will Cook playing games.


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