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Swimsuits :: Conquering the Fear

Swimsuit shopping is arguably the most dreaded but necessary shopping trip to ever exist. Closely following is shopping for the perfect pair of jeans that hug your butt nicely and don't give you a muffin top or camel toe... But, I digress. Shopping for swimsuits can be downright depressing-- You stare into the mirror under harsh lighting and suddenly, all your imperfections are staring right back at you. Eek.

As women, and especially as mothers, our views of ourselves are so distorted. When we see ourselves in the mirror, we may see the extra couple pounds hanging out on our love handles. We see our breasts perhaps aren't quite as perky as they once were. We see the cellulite and the stretch marks. We notice more wrinkles and a few gray hairs. We get hung up on those things. We forget that our bodies grew another human(s). We forget how much our skin stretched. We forget how our abdominal muscles were cut during that C-Section. We forget that our breasts grew 2 cup sizes during pregnancy and another size while breastfeeding. We forget that our bodies are awesome.

This could easily turn into a much more in-depth rant about body image, but again, I digress. Let me just say this: I believe that self-love and confidence are two of the biggest things missing from almost every mom's life. We may not feel comfortable in that teeny tiny bikini we wore in college (if you do, cheers to you!), but that doesn't mean we have to hide behind a cover-up all summer! It's all about finding the best swim style that flatters your body. I would recommend ordering the contenders online (the selection is usually much better) and trying them on in your own home. This is especially true if purchasing from Target-- they have a TON of swimsuits online; the section of the store is just a fraction of their true selection. Bonus: wine is a totally acceptable dressing room beverage when trying on at home!

My favorite places to shop for swimsuits are Nordstrom, Target, Victoria's Secret, J. Crew, and Modcloth. Also, while preparing this post, I came across a site that I wasn't familiar with but I immediately fell in love with: Rey Swimwear. So retro and adorable!

I'm currently on the hunt for a one-piece that supports the ta-tas and flatters my tummy, without being boring. So, a bright color, fun pattern, or edgy detail is a must! No matter your personal style, body type, or budget, there are so many options to 'suit' your needs. I hope one of these catches your eye!


Solid and Striped, Solid and Striped, Kate Spade, Vince Camuto

bikiniMossimo, Vitamin A Soleil, Mara Hoffman, Blush by Profile

PatternedKenneth Cole, Rey Swimwear, Tory Burch, Mara Hoffman

cutoutMara Hoffman, Luli Fama, Kate Spade, La Blanca

high waistRey Swimwear, Jessica Simpson, Kate Spade, La Blanca

ShapingRalph Lauren, Miraclesuit, La Blanca, Miraclesuit

CrochetMossimo, Robin Piccone, Robin Piccone, Becca

SkirtedRey Swimwear, Rey Swimwear, Profile by Gottex, Rey Swimwear

Maternity collagePez D'Or, ASOS, Maternal America


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