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Stuffed: {non-candy} Easter Basket Ideas
Easter Basket Ideas Memphis Moms Blog
Easter is around the corner - has the bunny been taking care of his shopping?
Whether your plans include going to church, hunting for eggs, stuffing your face with delicious food while surrounded with family and friends, dyeing your hands/table/eggs, or sticking your adorable infant into a giant rabbit's lap for pictures, odds are your kids are going to wake up on Easter morning looking for their basket - that sign that the bunny hopped by and left them something. ​
I fondly remember Easter baskets of my past - plastic "grass" on the bottom, eggs filled with candy, and of course a large chocolate rabbit. As a kid, this was HEAVEN. Really, a perk of Easter as a kid was that it served as a candy stop-gap between Valentine's Day and Halloween. But as a parent? I don't necessarily want to fill my kid's basket with candy. And yet I don't want a bunch of plastic crap that will end up under foot.

In the spirit of Easter baskets that parents and children alike will love, here are some ideas:

  • Stuffed animal: This is a classic. If your house isn't already overrun with stuffed animals, you've got to get your kiddo a bunny in their basket. I love the Jellycat bunny - I got ours monogrammed with Ruthie's initials.
  • Toys: You may not need any more toys taking up space in your house, but what about these small ones? Magnets (I love the Melissa and Doug ones because there are no small parts to choke on), bubbles, play-dough, stickers, matchbox cars, and a jump rope are among the toys the bunny could bring your kids.
  • Musical instruments: Not to play off the egg theme too much, but the egg shaped percussion shakers are a perfect stocking stuffer for your little Beethoven in training! Also basket-sized? A tambourine, harmonica, maracas, and jingle bells.
  • Gardening supplies: Easter is a time of rebirth in the religious sense, so why not represent that in your basket? For elementary aged kids, wouldn't it be fun to make a garden themed basket? Pick out fun gardening gloves, a hand trowel and spade, watering can, and seed packets. The gift that keeps on giving!
  • Art supplies: The basket is a great place to gift markers, sidewalk chalk, watercolor paints, prismacolor pencils, and more. You could include a coloring book, small journal, or scrapbook paper. If your basket recipient is a little older, perhaps you might include a felting kit. These kits create cute little felt animals (but have a sharp tool, which is why I say for an older kid).
  • Gift cards: If your kiddo loves to play on the tablet, get them an i-tunes gift card for more games. Does your tween go to the movies with friends? Malco gift card. Avid reader? Kindle gift card. Or get adventurous and make your own "gift cards," redeemable through mom - you could print out gift cards from the bank of mom for a trip to Yolo for ice cream, a playground visit, or even getting to pick out dinner one night.
  • Clothing: Depending on your kids' age(s), you could do new jammies, fun socks, a swim suit, or even flip flops. If you've got girls, bows and hair ties are always in good taste - if your house is anything like mine, we lose them constantly.
  • Books: Always a good option, whether you get board books for your infant or a chapter book for your tween. Classic Easter books? "Pat the Bunny," "Happy Easter, Mouse,"The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes,"The Velveteen Rabbit,"The Runaway Bunny," and "The Tale of Peter Rabbit." In the spirit of the holiday, you could also include a children's bible.
  • Dress Up: Accessories for imaginative play are a great idea for Easter. A play medical kit, a fireman hat, princess jewels, or chef tools all could fit right in an Easter basket.
  • Drinkware: An Easter basket for little ones could have a new sippy cup. Older kids may love S'well water bottle or a Yeti tumbler.
  • Bath time: Your basket could include squirt animals, foam letters, bathtub crayons, stacking cups, and more - creating lots of fun for splashing in the tub! If you've got a baby or toddler, the bunny could also certainly bring a new hooded towel - we're always in need of another one around here.
  • Collectibles: Instead of going the toy route, you could start a tradition at Easter and gift a collectible set. Perfect for this is the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit series, a classic that is sure to stay in style over time.
  • Teen ideas: most of this list is devoted to little ones but since I teach teenagers, I've got to show them some love. Teen girls would love for the bunny to bring them jewelry (perhaps a Kendra Scott necklace or a paper bead necklace from Be Free Revolution - a local nonprofit). Cosmetics are also a great option for your teenaged girl - and you could throw them in a fun new makeup bag. For teen boys, you could fill their basket with body spray, ear buds, and even a remote controlled helicopter (because, after all, they are still kids at heart). Another idea is an adult coloring book - great for allowing their inner kid to thrive while calming their mind.

And if you do want to include candy? Why not make it local? Visit Dinstuhl's and stock up on chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate bunnies, and my favorite - orange slices.

What ideas do you have for stuffing Easter baskets? Share them in the comments!


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