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Rise Up Single Mom :: Our November Nonprofit of the Month

Rise Up Single Mom Mission

Rise Up Single Mom, Inc., (RUSM) exists to provide financial assistance, network resources, and community support to working single mothers who aspire to not only survive life, but thrive in life. Rise Up Single Mom has three focus areas: Education, Entrepreneurship, and Emotional Health. Focusing on these three areas allow single moms to attain desired career positions and/or promotions, additional streams of income, and a better quality of life. These advancements positively impact single mothers, and consequently, positively influence their children’s academic and economic futures. RUSM provides anonymous group sessions, specialized workshops, business coaching, and professional mentorship that guide and inspire participants as they move through pivotal milestones of life.

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RUSM In the Memphis Community

Before we became an official 501c3 non-profit organization earlier this year, Rise Up Single Mom was very active in the Memphis community. We aim to make a difference by offering programs that truly improve single moms’ quality of life. In the spring of 2017 we launched our Single Mom Support Call (for emotional health), and things took off! Single moms joined the support call weekly to hear from other single moms facing similar challenges. We covered topics like changing careers, life after losing a husband, savings, parenting, and other topics. Single moms were motivated and empowered to grow, but more importantly, they developed a community and a sense that they were not alone!

As momentum with the Single Mom Support Call increased, we found that ladies wanted to physically come together to experience that community they had felt and heard on the phone. To meet that need, we created a more social outlet for single moms, complete with childcare, with our Single Mom Sweet Days! The event was designed for single mothers to experience the “sweeter” side of life for a few hours and bond with other moms.

The highlight of our first year of operation was our inaugural Rise Up Single Mom Benefit Brunch, with partial proceeds benefitting the YWCA of Memphis’ Abused Women’s Services program. We were honored to donate a brand new washer and dryer to the YWCA for their shelter! Not only did the YWCA benefit, but all attendees were inspired, empowered, and celebrated by successful MEN who were raised by single mothers. The day was truly a blessing to all and set the tone for the 2ndAnnual Benefit Brunch event held this past July.

Memphis Moms Blog Rise Up Single Mom Male Panel
RUSM Male Panel

Memphis Moms Blog Rise Up Single Mom-YWCA pic
RUSM Washer and Dryer donated to YWCA

MOMS Back to School!

Our latest FREE workshops are focused on “Back to School" for MOMS! Single moms are so busy making sure their children get a quality education that many times they neglect their educational needs and aspirations. These workshops are an opportunity for single moms to obtain ALL the information they need to go to (or back to) college to complete their post-secondary education. We are so excited to work with our first cohort of single moms who are ready to go Back to School! We are providing guidance and accountability along the way, as we know half the battle is staying the course.

Our next series of events and workshops will center on our focus area of entrepreneurship! We LOVE empowering women to recognize the gifts and talents they already posses and monetize them to create additional streams of income to help take care of their families.

Memphis Moms Blog Rise up Single Mom-BoardandMomsBacktoSchool
RUSM Back to School

Partner with RUSM

We are always looking for new community members and partners to join our cause and help us fight for single moms’ success. For more information about Rise Up Single Mom, our programs ,and volunteer/partner opportunities, feel free to visit our Facebook page or our website.

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